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Today for me seems like any other day as i sit here watching the Angry video game nerd attempting to place meaning and emphasis on today's wrestling product, i struggle to maintain focus even though two of my favorite stars are champions, even though the product has been as good as it's ever been but it still annoys me that the product is so backwards.

For instance we have the The Rock and Cena in an UN-interesting feud because neither man wants to be heel, why is the WWE so afraid of T- shirt sales dropping that they aren't taking any chances with cena's character, they need to turn the guy heel even if it's only for this one event?

What frustrates me the most is the story, a story is supposed to be told by the perspective of the wrestlers, It starts with Cena being angry with the Rock for costing him the WWE title, we then move onto the match being made, we now know we have to wait a year to see these two in the ring, now fast forward to the Miz and Truth attacking Cena, Cena then declares that the rock will be his tag team partner come survivor series, another question that needs to be asked is why?, why would you team with the guy that you despise,? that frustrated me to no end but i allowed my  sense of disbelief to suspend to allow this feud to continue.

But then, they bury The Miz and R truth in the process, Both Cena and Rock are placed in a game of Oneupsmanship and end up making both heels look like jobbers, it's stupid and makes the whole product look weak.

Now fast forward to the Rock vs Cena confrontation, both guys appealing to the fans in an attempt to have the fans cheer for them, now why would i want to invest my time with such a frustrating feud that has done nothing to elevate either man, its just something that frustrates me to no end and has done nothing to make this feud watchable.

Will i keep watching?, yes because I am a WWE loyalist and a pro wrestling fan second, if you guys can offer an alternative that's not TNA let me know....

Now for my Raw review,

CM Punk and Chris Jericho made my day, literally both men managed to make the other look great and promote their match to no end, its amazing what you can do if you let the wrestlers work, this match alone makes me want to watch wrestlemania this match alone is worth me paying the actual fee , and i will be waiting in baited breath these two are my favorite wrestlers of all time because they know what the fans want and how to work the crowd to their advantage (apart from the whole Jeritroll angle), will Jericho claim the WWE title? or will Punk manage to retain? I have no clue but will be waiting for this moment with great anticipation.

So Vince Russo doesn't think that he was being utilised properly? to quote the Miz really?, really?, the guy has no idea how to actually book a proper wrestling angle so as far as im concerned im glad the guy is gone, literally, i hope he retires happy and stays away from the actual product, because without him it will hopefully lead to a better overall product.

Now down to other things...

I will be hosting a new series called re-writing the book, the show will debute next sunday on youtube so please make sure you watch, comment and subscribe because im looking for feedback and info on your least favorite feuds to rebook.

you can email me on michaelburhan@nerdgenious.com and send me your feuds.

and finally,

I will be making a new film, in the coming months, I've just finished the script and will be working on the storyboard in order to make this a realization, if your in the london area and want to help with filming or feel that you would be ideal for a part email me @ michaelburhan@nerdgenious.com

thats all for today and will be back with another commentary tomorrow...
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