Student finance issue's, being a proud father and missing the theatre

I thought i would take the time to talk about some personal stuff, some positive and others which have a rather negative influence on my life, I tend not to vent too much in regards to personal issues but sometimes it can't be helped.

I have a huge issue with Student finance (as most students and former students do) as I have been attempting to keep them at bay for months now due to the fact that the organization believes that i owe them money, I know i should be grateful because without them I probably would never have gotten the opportunity to actually go get a university degree and do what i love the most and that is act, but by Jove are they doing their damnedest to annoy me and literally stress me out.

I'll try to explain as much as i can as there are parts of this situation that i would not like to delve into as i feel it would be invasive to others who do not want to be publicly known, so i won't delve to deep.

When considering to go to university i was offered a loan and financial aid in form of various grants, grants adding up to£4000, now these grants were given as part of a condition to notify them if my situation had changed. On November 2010 I was forced to leave my marital home and became single, leaving my children in full custodial care of their mother, I informed student finance on December 2010 as I was temporarily staying somewhere else, I asked them to send all paperwork to that address and also asked about the information that they needed me to provide them with (if any), my situation was made more severe as i was made homeless in February 2011 managing to maintain my education and finally find somewhere to stay i asked that all post was forwarded, fast forward to January 2011 when i was contacted by student finance's collections department stating that i owed them a staggering £4000 pounds, they stated that i did not  inform them of any changes and that i did not provide any evidence backing up my claim so they wanted a repayment of the full amount.

After providing them with my information once more they then contacted me again stating that i had not provided them with anything and requested the amount in full, again I spoke with them about my situation stating that i left my marital home on November 2010 and that they need to take this matter into consideration as i cannot provide them with any recent tax credits or other child benefit information as I do not have any custodial right over my children and that their mother has all this information in her name.

I've been going back and forth since attempting to find out what i can do to resolve this matter as it has been rather stressful, I'm not saying that i won't pay back some of the grants that i have received, but by paying back the whole amount would take time and exhaust funds that i don't have so I am now going to send them a copy of all my legal paperwork in terms of my matter in hopes that they can make the right assessment and relieve some of the stress brought on by their rather inept staff.

It irks me when an organization cannot communicate with an individual and expect them to resolve the matter on their own, it's like a court judging an innocent man guilty whilst they attempt to clear their own name!.

At least on a rather positive note my daughter has not been effected by life's hurdles.

I recently met with my daughters teachers in order to find out how much she has progressed in her reception class and I cannot be more happier with her progression, her teachers beamed as they talked about her gifts, stating that she is a lateral thinker who does things on her own, speaks quiet highly of her family and literally loves phonics, she has excelled way above expectations and has been told that she will be moving to stage 3 of her phonics lessons, its great to see that a smart little girl like her will be moving on to bigger and better things once she manages to move up from her reception class to primary school.

 Due to current financial constraints I haven't been able to audition but am looking at creating projects in order to get my fill of the entertainment industry, I miss the days when i could stand on stage and memorize my audience, become one with my character and use Stanislavsky's system to attain clarity and tell a story on stage, I hope once I am able to resolve my many issue's that i can get back to doing what i love best, to entertain...

Now that's enough of my venting, now back to the real world

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