A Rather British Review of The Simpsons Arcade Game

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Here is a transcript of the review:

Tired of playing those 3d beat em ups? Wan’t to move away from  side scrolling 3d’s, you aren’t? well you can at least give the simpson Arcade game a whirl.
Released on Xbox Live and Playstation network on Feburary 12 2012, the game is considered the best port of the Arcade original, Bone has managed to not only make the game a complete port of the arcade machine, they have also managed to make it better, just look at the difference between  the Xbox live game and the Commodore 64 port, both titles have a similar beat  em up feel of the arcade but the newer ports have the sprites, characters, motions and playability of the arcade cabinet allowing four player co-operative play and giving it an online spin.
You are rewarded with achievements with each playthrough doing such things as finding bongo the bunny, using smithers bombs and even completing the game online with others.
The main plot of the story shares the similar dysfunctional plot’s as the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles games and Konami’s other licence X – Men, you play a member of the immediate simpsons family and main cast, Homer, Marge, Lisa or Bart as you attempt to save Maggie from a rather angry and agreesive walen smithers who attempts to steal the a diamond on behalf of his boss Mr Burns,  the Diamon however ends up with Maggie and off you go on your journey to save her, as it’s a side scrolling beat em up you go through level after level attempting to save her from the clutches of the evil smithers fighting wrestlers, balloons, drunks and even smithers himself.
The game takes a short time to complete and if you are a retro fan then you will love the simpsons arcade game,  and If you’re not, well you’ll probably play this game for the achievements.

Now how do I rate this game?

I give it three  eat my shorts out of five, because even though it excels with its simplicity and old school side scrolling beat em up feel, it kinda gets monotonous if played too long, its something that I will probably pick up again,  but I won’t be in a hurry to play again for some time.
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