Political correctness, my fascination with the walking dead and a shed load of points still coming

Now i tend to avoid politics on #Nerdgenious! but due to the fact that this site is a part of my thoughts, feeling and emotions i tend to use it to emote my inner most feelings and i tell ya, this subjects has puzzled me a little.

As George Osbourne ascended from the inner sanctum of number 10 (or is it 11 now) and held up the dark red rose colored suitcase with a big smirk on his face he had that sense of calm, that sense of accomplishment that most would probably define as smug.

Whether Osbourne was smug or not was irrelevant in terms of whether he actually did accomplish something in terms of helping the economy, the fact is the proposed developments seem like they are well planned out and have peoples interests at heart and if so why have they focused on raising tax's on the elderly, smokers and drinkers that are paying a high price as it is and with their supposed commitment to the NHS will the conservative government be known for their many failings or will they rise above the ashes like the phoenix ascending to correct the mistakes of the past.

lets break down the effects that this years financial budget will have on our society in general and if the Conservative government are general with their supposed proposals.

The reduction of 50% tax to 45% for high earners: 

This is something that i believe the conservative government wanted to accomplish, by masking this with other low rate tax rates they can push this forward without being challenged, Osbourne states "that there is no reason why people should be taxed half their salary and that the rate needed to be reduced" so its a positive for those who had a big chunk out of their pay taken because of this tax rate.

My feelings: Positive, this is a positive for those who have lumbered under this tax rate.

Pension tax raising to £84

They say that everyone has to be susceptible to tax in order to pay for developments and reducing the national debt, the fact is that our government is pressing forward with something that could be detrimental, its bad enough that the old and impoverished are barely getting by, but now they may lose out on essentials such as heating, clothing and food because of high tax's towards their pensions, this is rather a sad concept.

My feelings: Why are the government taking a large chunk of pensions?, what's the point of  of taking from those who have little to no pension to begin with because of the continued decent of the economy effecting their pensions growth, most retirees will have to find a way to supliment their income and go back to work in order to make sure that they have some help with paying for their essentials, I feel that something else could have been cut in order for these individuals to get a rather low rate.

Kinda sad really...

Income tax allowance raise, additional business investments, corporation tax cuts and more positives:

As I've stated previously, they are making sure that they throw a few incentives to small  business owners and those on low rate income and benefits so that the people can get a fair shake and increase spending, with the current recession people have been tightening their belts and are spending less, so in order to offset the current trend, they will need to make sure that those that are capable of spending can, in the end it adds to the economic growth which is a good thing in general.

My feelings: As said before its a good thing, but with all the costs will it be worth it in the end?

End Result: 

The government is attempting to accomplish something with this budget but it seems disingenuous as they have cut the rate of high earned tax to 45% it's a heavy burden  on an otherwise strained economy.

Now onto Wrestling:

This weeks WWE Raw Supershow has seen Zack Ryder make his return to the ring and get decimated by Daniel Bryan, the fact that he has been treated so badly by the company is annoying, but my hope is that these incidents will build character and keep Ryder motivated for his upcoming feud with Eve Torres and his eventual recapturing of the United States Championship or even intercontinental championship depending on what brand he is on.

Wrestlemania was well laid out this week continuing the rock vs Cena Storyline as the attempt to barter for fans affections,

Jericho Continues to mock CM Punks family and now brings Punks sister in the mix, i understand what they are trying to do but by humanizing Punk in this manner doesn't help him or Jericho in terms of promoting their match, but again it can be saved, we have one week to go for mania so well see if both guys can pull of something amazing technically.

and Last but not least the Walking Dead

The show ended on a rather high amazing high note, leading the gang to a nearby prison as Rick tells the group that he will be taking charge and that the democracy is dead, the Zombies tore into a few of the characters as they made their escape but still managed to keep the core characters together, it placed a huge emphasis on the fact that these characters need each other and that they rely on one another for support, even when the notion of splitting up came about they still managed to stay together as the world of chaos continues, a new realization was made as the episode ends but i wont spoil it for you guys :).

Ok so that's enough of me today will be posting twice tonight as i will be posting another blog on my obsession that is comic books.

See you later

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