New videos, season 2 finale, and a whole mess of Zombies!

I've been watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC and my god it's one of the best things on Television, This week ( or last week) the episode entitled "Better Angels" sees Rick and Shane  finally have it out as Shane admits that his life was better before Rick returned ( basically a retelling of the first three issues of the comic book), they fight to the death and Shane is resurrected as one of the undead, he is shot in the head as Rick attempts to justify his actions to his son Carl, they both check on Rick as he lays lifeless the camera pans out as a hoard of Zombies approach.

Its a fitting end to Shane a character that we sore descend into madness sacrificing the lives of others to suite his own cause, obsessed with Ricks family life, something that he craves, it also proves that whatever is the cause of the Zombie epidemic it's either something genetic or ingested, its from within which means that whoever dies needs to either be burned or have a bullet to the head in order to make sure that they pass on.

 I can't wait for to see the season finale which will hopefully end on a cliffhanger and leave the audience wanting for more.

Raw this week managed to maintain some consistency for wrestlemania and maintain the current feuds going in to the Pay Per View, this week was promoted as being a Rap and Rock Concert which left me feeling a little underwhelmed when approaching this weeks episode, the fact is, there wasn't much to say apart from the fact that Cena managed to come in, make a statement and walk away, whereas The Rock spent nearly an hour reading from the titantron and playing the same cords, It did nothing to further the feud apart from establish that the rock is a dick, he said the same things, talked about laying the smack down (sexually) on Cena's mom and proved that he could do nothing more than sling childish insults, what a moron...

and Finally If you've seen the Nerdlog's you would know that I have postponed the re-witing the book show until this Monday, hopefully i will have the show done I will also be uploading a new set of playthroughs including more Darksouls episodes from Season 1 and the final episode of Season 2's simpsons arcade playthroughs ending in a review and achievement walkthrough.

That's it for this week and hopefully next week i will be back to posting three times a week rather than just once, and hopefully this time i will have more for you guys.

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