Kony 2012, Raw Review and a great giveaway

So today something made me wake up.....

I woke up to the fact that i've been missing the pain and suffering that is happening around the world, something that for some reason i have either avoided or have been unaware of, and that is because we are letting these monsters slip past us, unaware of the hurt and pain that they have been responsible for, and because of this they have destroyed lives, raped and pillaged home's and have taken away the innocence of young children.

The great thing about the internet is that it has made the impossible, possible, that by connecting so many of us it has created celebrities out of normal people and made millionaires out of those who have came from nothing, and by doing so it has made those who would otherwise have never be seen household names.

Now here's the deal, invisible children a charity also known as TRI have for a limited time an open window to have a rather manipulative and disgraceful Warlord known as Joseph Kony, an individual who has been raping, killing and forcing children into prostitution and killing, the charity is attempting to raise awareness and make celebrities of these dictators and warlords who have literally gone under the radar, by doing so they can have Kony arrested and brought to justice for his crimes.

If you care about this campaign and just want to spread the world you can do so by clicking on the links below and help spread the word, if you are on facebook spread the word, twitter spread the word and google plus spread the word, find out about these and other ways of promoting this monster in order to make him a celebrity by clicking here

Let your voice be heard, do you're part and make Kony famous!

Ok so Raw this week was abit of a mixed bag.....

For starter's we saw a series of promo's from both the Rock and Cena literally attempting to get the Boston crown on side, both men attempted to make the other look weak but in the end these promos took up half the damn show, seriously why not just do a small promo on both these guys instead of spending half the show promoting both guys, the WWE also promised a confrontation between the two but it ended up being a name calling contest, I understand the WWE's reasoning behind this, it's more or less there way of making the audience care about the feud without having it lead to a physical confrontation, but the fact is we still have four weeks before wrestlemania and the feud is already getting mundane, there is a time when talking won't suffice, they need to at least tease a physical confrontation for a feud that is supposed to be the main attraction for wrestlemania.

This week also sore the return of Zacj Ryder which literally did nothing for the guy, It left me confused and asking the following questions: 

Wouldn't Zack Ryder be pissed with Kane?

Why is he even bothering with Eve?

Why has Kane forgotten about the guy he crippled?

It brings me back to the same answer Storyline's = Logic, you can't just brush something as major as what happened to the guy prior off, he would want some kind of payback, by having Ryder brush his past incidents off it makes his character look weak, it also make's his whole program with Kane irrelevant.

The match of the Night in my opinion had to go to the two world champs, both Bryan, Jericho, Sheamus and Punk made their respective feuds stand out, they also showed why all four belonged in the main event at Wrestlemania.

I'm not a fan of title switches but I understand why the US title was given to Santino, Jack Swagger was doing nothing with the belt and was being moved into an eventual tag title run with Dolph Ziggler (which is the logical choice), this free's up both Santino and Ortunga to feud for the US title and aid their respective GM's in their quest for dominance, this also gives both men a chance to shine and bring the US title back in the main focus of the midcard (which is where it belongs in the first place), so im hopeful about the current change and won't pass judgement until i see where it leads to, If the WWE creative are smart they will take the appropriate directions in order to give both feuds ample time.

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Thats it from me today guys, will be back in a couple of days for a comic book review and stay tuned to both youtube channels for my new show debuting this sunday title re-writing the book, The pilot episode will have me breaking down and rebooking the rock and John cena vs awesome truth.

For now guys i bid you adue

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