The Comic Roundup - Zombies, Violated Superhero's and Angry Guardians

Ok so this is part 2 of my #Nerdgenious! blog and this time i talk about two of my favorite comics but i also want to talk about the goings on in the comic book industry as it stands.

DC and Marvel have decided to both sell digitally, DC have done this since the birth of the new 52, but for Marvel comics this is new ground, as the world moves more and more into digital, Marvel will be adding an extra incentive with their digital downloads by packaging them with their comic books as little freebies, the downside to this "freebie" is that you will have to pay a whopping 3.99 for the comics you purchase.

DC has been on top form with their selections this month, starting with the red lanterns issue 7

Guy Gardner attempts to reason with the first Earth Red Lantern Rancorr as he attempts to deal with his new found powers, after helping Gardner save some people in need Rancorr flies off to the planet of the Red Lanterns in search of his creators.

This is a brilliant new addition to an already prominent Red Lantern Series, the issue deals with humanity and the new goals of the Red Lanterns as Atrocitus attempts to find a reason now that his greatest foe Krona is no longer among the living, it's fun to see DC comics bring about more meaning in their comics and allow its readers to empathize with the characters and find common ground.

I recommend this issue to any die hard Green Lantern fan or a fan of the new 52!

I am surprised with the route DC has taken with the new Green Lantern Series, I love the hold that Sinistro has on Hal Jordan, he wont let Jordan go but can't admit that he needs Hal's help, Hal attempts to come to terms with his life without the ring and move on happy with the ex star sapphire Carrol Ferris who has also rejoined her Corpse in order to Save both Hal and Sinistro from the Indigo Tribe, I know what most of you guys are thinking and yes i said Indigo Tribe!, and what have they done to Hal and Sinistro to become a threat?, well you'll have to read Issue 7 to find out what exactly has happened..

Now moving onto a comic book franchise that is a television series, a game on the horizon and is Simply, Badass!, yes you guessed it, the Walking Dead

Issue 1 to 193 has seen Rick come back from the dead, fight against his best friend Shane for the sake of his family, against others who have decided to rape, pillage and kill even giving into the temptation of eating other humans, its a world gone mad and a rather honest and appealing take on what the world that has no morals and understanding, a lawless land that is devoid of meaning, all Rick has is his son Carl, someone who has given his life meaning, now with that being said if you don't want spoilers for the series do not read past issue 10!, if you don't mind and just want to see Kirkmans original take on the Walking Dead than you'll sure be in for a treat with this series.

And Finally

Do you like Parodies?, Smut, and Superheroes gone mad?, then you will love the Boys

The Garth Enis Series not only mocks Superheroes but also humanises them, these individuals who have great powers certainly have no responsibility, the boys are a fictional team that have been put together to watch over and resolve the problem, the series is mostly tongue and cheek but has a rather disturbing subtext, it talks about absolute power and the corruption that comes with it, what happens if absolute power corrupts absolutly?, you'll only know if you read the book from issue 1 to 66, with only 7 issues left this series is a must read and something that i believe will leave you wanting more...

Thats it from me, I'll be seeing you again tomorrow for another commentary

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See you tomorrow

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