Wrestling's downside and the Mizuse of talent....

Ive been getting report after report that the Miz is in hot water over his failure to get himself over and give creative a reason to push the upper mid card talent back to the main event spot.

Now if this rumor is deemed true than i need to ask the question, what is the WWE's problem and why can't Vince and co simply blame his lack of push on the relevant party, why can't they blame creative?.

The answer to this question is rhetorical,

prior to the Rock's involvement with Survivor series Miz was embroiled in a feud with Triple H, he and Truth were suspended in an attempt to make the team of Awesome Truth the companies top heels, the miz and truth were scheduled to beat down the companies top faces and align themselves with a returning Kevin Nash and John Laurunitis in an attempt to make a main event stable that could literally cause chaos...

The team returned, won a main event match against Triple H and Punk and eventually attacked Cena in and move on to headline survivor series, now here is where the problem lies, the first night on Raw Rock cut a promo accepting Cena's request to team up, at the end of the Night Cena was booked to face the Miz in a one on one confrontation, that night he demolished both members of awesome truth settling any grievances he had with the team which led most wrestling journalists and internet marks alike to speak out and question why this move was implemented in the first place and why these two were booked to look like jobbers before their big match at survivor series?..

Awesome Truth attempted to redeem themselves by cutting countless promos about them being overlooked and being the underdog's, they attempted to save face but the Rock and Cena literally made the PPV about themselves, it did nothing to save the team that had no one caring about them or the match that they were involved in.

Then comes the Survivor series main event, The Rock was tagged and literally beat down on Miz and Truth, the match itself literally became a pissing contest between the two foes who wanted to show which of them had the largest penis, it was childish and in extremely bad taste.

Now who was to blame for the lackluster buy rate at the survivor series Pay per View?

Answer: WWE Creative!

The fact is that the WWE creative team could has use the dissension between the Rock and Cena in order to book their Survivor Series Pay Per View tag team bout, they could have booked it rather simply by having the Miz and Truth win fueling the feud between the Rock and Cena, neither man needed the win to fuel their wrestlemania bout, neither needed to go over the heels to win all they needed to do was look strong.

therein lies the issue,

The Miz and R - truth should have been cemented as a main event tag team and should have won the belts off of Airboom prior to their title match, as heels they should have been placed in a position of legitimacy in order to establish themselves as some sort of threat against Cena and The rock, the team should have gone over the two allowing them to be established as the two biggest heels in the company, most say that this did not happen due to Truth being suspended....

I say bull...

When Michaels teamed with Diesel they dropped the tag team titles by throwing them down because Michaels (kayfabe) superkicked his partner in the face, it allowed the two to feud and move on allowing the vacant tag title spot to be given to another team, why not have the Miz attack truth and throw the titles down after the team ran its course?, it could have easily been done after the two had been placed in a four way with Punk and Del Rio, it would have made the events after Survivor series more interesting and allowed the two to elevate themselves.

Bad booking killed the Miz's title hopes, bad booking killed Awesome Truth, bad booking is what continues to dilute the WWE product and water down what could otherwise be a great show, and devalue talent that could have otherwise excel, take note Vince Mcmahon, Triple H and the creative team, think about the talent that you will lose if you keep booking talent such as the Miz into jobbers,you will lose them.

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