All negatives and expletives and steering away from what made the product matter.....

This week on smacktalk myself Tony Mango and Braeden Mayhew attempted to rationalise the elimination chamber PPV in order to make the product matter, but the fact is the product is deteriorating and that's because of The Rock.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't Dwayne Johnson's fault. the blame is laid on WWE creative.

With anticipation for John Cena and The Rock's main event at wrestlemania the WWE brass have been booking elimination chamber rather lightly and have not given any proper meaning to any of the other feuds that will culminate at WWE biggest PPV.

and that's because they are relying too much on the Rock and Cena to deliver, nothing else matters in the mind of Vince Mcmahon, yet it is providing a rather unique card for the PPV itself with having matches that the WWE wouldn't normally have on the PPV such as Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus, Punk vs Jericho, and a yet undetermined Theodore Long/ John Laurinitis match that Will end with One gm for both shows.

Even though wrestlemania seems appealing (which it does) the WWE as a whole is suffering and its because of the one match that creative are hoping to draw Wrestlemania's biggest  buyrate in quiet sometime.

The fact is though can it draw? and if it does not what will happen to wrestlers involved?, will the Rock be blamed for a substandard buyrate or will the blame be laid on the shoulders of the Bryans, the Sheamus's or the CM Punks?, we'll have to see after wrestlemania and how each individual is treated after the PPV.

According to PW Torch, the WWE is 8 Milliion down and mostly its because of the companies film division, the thing is, Vince Mcmahon has yet to grasp that his wrestlers don't draw box office receipt's if they really want to go through with a films division they need to focus on bringing outside actors and stay away from WWE talent, and bring in scripts that will actually have a story to tell rather than purchasing meaningless stories that would attract a more younger audience.

Vince is also saying that he will walk away from the Film business if the current model doesn't work, well as far as im concerned they could always just work on bringing a more digital presence to their film catalog and walk away from straight to DVD content and having their films play in theaters, no one needs to see John Cena or Triple H on the big screen and i don't think anyone cares to tell you the truth.

Sting says hes done, well that's fine by me, as far as im concerned he should have been done a long time ago, his wrestling ability is far from what it was and the talent pool that he is working with is hardly stellar, he just needs to take a step back and stay in his authority role as hes doing well there, there is no need to have a match with Bobby roode and put the guy over, he was doomed from the start.

If most have you have seen me online recently I've been sending tweets to Chris Brown knocking the guy for his recent twitter war with CM Punk, now most would assume that I've been doing it to aid Punk, well the fact is I haven't, Punk's a big boy and knows how to handle things on his own, as far as Brown goes Im more or less angry with the moron for attempting to knock wrestling in general, he talks about real wrestlers and name drops a few people, he attempts to knock Punk and pretends that he's a role model for every little child out there, the fact is he's not, he has yet to apologies for his actions against Rhianna, he has yet to justify himself and say sorry to every young fan that he has and make them understand that his actions where deplorable, instead he walks around acting arrogant and that whatever he had done doesn't matter.

We'll i have news for you and every little moron that follows you, grow up!.

Thats it for now guys and see you tomorrow for another Nerdgenious!


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