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With Christmas and New year out of the way Im glad to say that Supernatural has made its  return to our screens and i for one couldn't be happier.

Alot of questions were left unanswered with the death of Bobby Singer and the collapse of the Winchesters whole world, this weeks episode sees the Winchesters on a side track attempting to come to terms with the death of their mentor and attempting to explain the numbers he had left on Sam's hand, what do these numbers mean?, and will they strive to defeat the unbeatable that is the leviathans?.

We wrapped on episode 10 of Saturday Smacktalk featuring the hosts of host Anthoney Mango, Myself and the loving Chris Dace, Ive been stuck with this damn cough for the last month and may need to sort my throat out, colds and flues aside this episode was extremely fun and by far one of the best (even though it was short), We talked more about TNA's genesis Pay Per View and highlighted the various matches on the card even though we struggled to care about the entire TNA product.

 The fact that TNA has elevated Hardy back to the main event is appalling, the guy mainevented a ppv drunk and incoherent, I wonder why they havent let the guy go already, well Hardy's road to redemption has led him to the main stage of TNA's genesis PPV will Hardy win the belt?. lets hope not or i'll never watch a TNA ppv again.


2 broke girls is one of the best comedies on television at present, it brings an unusual twist to the buddy comedy genre highlighting the rocky road that these two women are treading on to find sucess in a world that is designed to fight against them.

I'll be back again tomorrow with another post, this time about the company that is Nintendo, 

see you tomorrow


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