Xbox playthroughs, Bryan's title reign, Justice League Doom full of Zombies

I'm currently doing playthroughs on my youtube channel, so if you want to view my vids or even join in just message me on there and i will reply post haste, I will be posting each episode per week so if anyone enjoys dark souls they will love my spin on the game.

Speaking Of Dark Souls Daniel Bryan reminds me alot of Golum, his need for the world title has added another layer to his character, he literally finds ways to hold onto the title without having to defeat his opponent, most people would complain about the booking style used but his transition has been something very refreshing and is slowly being built, my worst fear would be the WWE dropping the ball on Bryan and actually switching the title at the Royal Rumble, Bryan needs to hold onto the belt to allow his heel persona to come through and bring forth and show that hes not like the rest of the money in the bank holders that he desires the title so much that he retains it by any means.

Am i the only one looking forward to Justice League Doom?, the animated version that draws its story from the Tower of Babel limited series see's the league get taken down one by one by unamed assailants, who know their deepest  weaknesses, its a great story and i cant wait to see the animated adaptation.

Another release that has me gasping for more is Resident Evil 6,It amazes me how these games keep getting better and better, driving from strength to strength, here's the trailer for those of you who haven't seen it.

The main protagonists of this game are Leon and Chris two of the most awesome characters in the resident evil series, the whole story hasn't been revealed as of yet but I believe capcom may have another money maker on their hands, as usual i will be posting a review of the game once its released.

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See you tomorrow for my WWE 12 Review


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