Storytelling, megaman and the road to the rumble

sorry for the lateness in posting guys, I've been having a mad week in terms of personal issue's and hopefully will be back to regular posting by next week.

Well as always lets start #Nerdgenious! with a Raw rundown.

This week's Raw was quiet good in terms of storytelling, the show started and ended with Mic Foley's pursuit for a chance to main event wrestlemania once more, Foley even managed to take a few shots at his past comedic exploits, Dolph Ziggler managed to go toe to toe with Foley on the Mic and shows why his star is constantly rising in the WWE, the guy is literally a great all round wrestler and has done amazing things with a gimmick that was literally him saying his name, watching the character evolve over the years really has been quiet enjoyable.

Foley also managed to play the role of the foil in the ongoing feud of Punk vs Laurinitis, the fact that Punk is always golden on the Mic helped too something that the WWE brass need to let him do, it sells the Rumble, Sells his match with Ziggler and helps elevate the importance of not only the match itself but the Rumble also, Punk has no off button and its quiet enjoyable.

The show ended on quiet a high note with Foley unleashing John Laurinitis's dark side and helped promote the importance of the feud between Punk, Ziggler and Laurinits and also  adds importance to Punks title reign as this may be the last time that we see Punk as champion (for now that is), it brings this main event to the forefront of the Pay per view and will be something that i will nay must watch.

Alot of Zack Ryder fans are complaining about his US title loss, but the fact is i believe this is WWE's way of giving Ryder a more longterm push as he works better chasing the United states title rather than holding it, maybe this time around Ryder will be able to make the most of his second reign moreso than his lackluster first.

I really feel bad for Evan Bourne, the guy's WWE future was left in doubt due to his second wellness policy violation that is not only screwing up the tag team division but is also hurting his career and his tag team partner Kofi Kingston.

Lets just hope Evan learns from this mistake and gets the help that he needs to beat whatever problems he may be having, he needs to humble himself in order to keep his job intact.

whilst browsing through youtube i came across a channel for a group called Happyconsolegamer, they had a review of megaman, now as a megaman fan I decided to take a look and its really impressive, the host manages to walk us through every megaman game on every console (some which i didn't even know existed), for those who wanted to view the show in its entirety I've posted the videos below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These reviews showed why Megaman is really timeless and I hope Capcom can actually get their finger out and bring megaman back to the forefront as the death of the series has been hinted (which i hope doesnt come to pass).

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