Psycho Guardians, Scarlet Spiders and Banners Tumor

It's that time again, time to review the first batch of 2012 comics, the first batch released on my birthday January 11th 2012, a rather mixed bag but  all in all extremely entertaining.

Title: Scarlet Spider

Issue Number: 01

Title Character: Kaine

Whilst One Kane attempts to make John Cena's life a nightmare, this Kaine was never supposed to live, he first appeared as part of Spider mans clone saga, the bastard child of the Jackal and a weird experiment in terms of making an exact copy of Peter Parker Kaine was never meant to survive.

Through several event's attempting to destroy the one man whose life he felt was his, Kaine attempted to seek out and destroy the real peter Parker out of jealousy but was foiled time and time again, Kaine continued on a downhill spiral until his death.

Kaine was eventually resurrected by the Jackal in the prelude to the spider island ark, this in turn led to Kaine's eventual resurrection by anti-venom's anti bodies and thus we have a new scarlet spider.

The first issue Introduces the new Kaine as he attempts to deal with his past in order to gain redemption for his past actions, but will Kaine adjust to his newe found responsibilities or will the past come back to hurt the former villain.

This book has a lot to offer in-terms of back story, it allows the reader to find out another side to the former psycho turned hero.

Title: Green Lantern V 5

Issue Number:05

Title Character:Hal Jordon/Sinistro

Hal and Sinistro attempt to bring down Sinistro's former corpse and free Kougar from their villanious clutches, this story is more or less about redemption, Sinistro is trying to deem himself Kougars Savior by setting his people free but can he and Jordan rely on one another in order to help Kougar survive its attackers?

Its a great issue that sets not only to redeem Sinistro but also Jordan as they both try to come to terms with he great responsibility and Burden of their new powers.

It's out now in all major comic book retailers and digital download.

Title: The Incredible Hulk V5

Issue Number: 04

Title Character: The Hulk/Bruce Banner

Banners gone made, the Hulk's has no other choice but to kill him as he continues to attempt to transform himself back to monster he once was.

To say theirs separation anxiety is abit of an understatement, with an atomic island that's ready to blow and Banner going insane there is a huge load for the hulk to worry about, but can the green giant stop his creator in time, and who was the man that split these two apart in the first place?

This series takes the Hulk to another level, and shows us another side of banner that we've never seen before.

it's a great read and an amazing series that is getting better from issue to issue.

Title: Batman and Robin v5

Issue Number: 05

Title Character: Bruce Wayne/Damien Wayne

Bruce's Life is continuing to become a nightmare as his son Damien has sided with one of Batman's deadliest enemies, not only that but Damien may be forced to kill in order to unleash his inner demon.
Can Bruce stop his son in time, or will Batman fail another Robin.

For this and more comic's on my list make sure you check out the latest comics at your local comic books store.

See you tomorrow for the last #Nerdgenious of the week.


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