NGE: WWE 12 Review

WWE '12
In the center, a wrestler with arm tattoos with his back turned (Randy Orton). In the top righ t is a logo that reads "WWE '12. In the lower left is a logo that reads "RP" and in the bottom right is a logo that reads "THQ".

Developer(s) Yuke's
Publisher(s) THQ
Series WWE
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release date(s) JP January 26, 2012
NA November 22, 2011
UK November 25, 2011[1]
Genre(s) Professional wrestling
Mode(s) Single player
Media/distribution Blu-ray Disc
Wii Optical Disc

WWE 12 is the 14th WWE game in the franchise and is the first in the WWE series, and is the first game developed for current generation consoles.

This game literally has everything, from the get go you have the road to wrestlemania which has three different story lines, this differs from the previous WWE games as you only have three choices in regards to who you play, but you also get a unique surprise, each storyline interlinks and allows the user to experience something rather unique in a wrestling game, a year long storyline that sees you take on a heel, a tweener and a babyface, each having their different roles within the company...

Sheamus (The Heel)

You play sheamus as he attempts to gain power within the company and rises to power.

Triple H (The outsider/Veteran)

You play Triple H on the final stages of his career, he runs the gauntlet and attempts to gain his final WWE title.

Jacob Cass (The Hero)

Voiced by Austin Aeries, Jacob Cass is the hero character who debuts in the WWE and graduates from NXT, you climb the ladder and become embroiled in one of the WWE's biggest storylines.

with each path you take it provides something rather different compared to its predecessors, and raps you in story, even though alot of the storylines in the road to wrestlemania are very hard to believe.

WWE Universe mode is another mode that differs form the old Raw vs Smackdown games, it allows the player to take on a character and elevate them through their required brand, you can raise that character to championship prominence, you can gain aliances, turn heel, create feuds and change brands, the downside to this mode is that it gets rather mundane rather quickly, the draft doesn't mean much and for those wishing to have three or four brands instead of two won't be allowed, it's something that THQ will hopefully introduce next time around.

Just like with it's predecessors, you can create movesets, entrances, groups, and moves you can also create music and add certain aspects of other promotions, for those wanting to create something from TNA, Ring Of Honor or an Indie fed can do so using this mode.

The one thing i do wish this game had was general manager mode, it was one of my favorite modes in the old WWE games, but the game does have alot of play time with a slew of unlockables, championships, Characters, arenas, and new tights there is alot for any gamer to take on and will leave you with alot of play time.

Now down to the rating

4 out of 5

The game could have been better with general manager mode as part of the package and it needs alot of work in terms of fixes, hopefully THQ will learn from this experience and fix these issues with the next installment.

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