House's last Hurrah!, Raw thoughts and a severe lack of sleep

Hey guy's sorry for the severe delays in posting, I've just been extremely tired lately due to taking on more workload, but should have things back to normal (or some semblance of), and will be posting regularly once more.

Now onto my Raw thought's.....

 Raw this week was more or less a crap shoot, with Johnny ace making his intentions clear last week of screwing CM Punk at the Royal Rumble it brought a rather Austin vs McMahonesque feel to this storyline and has brought something familiar that both old and new fans can enjoy, now with that being said I would rather have had this weeks progress that storyline so that we can see if Punk could retain, but alas they played the swerve card and added Laurinitis's job on the line with this match.

Before it was a forgone conclusion that Laurinits would screw punk but with the boards decision to (look into ) Laurinitis's position and review his actions prior it adds a whole new layer to this match and puts something at risk for both parties rather than just Punk.

Now with that being said, why the hell is WWE burying Zack Ryder?, i understand that he is the relative foil in the John Cena vs Kane Storyline and is now used as the momentum for John Cena to embrace the hate but why destroy the career of a much beloved character, an underdog who had finally won the United states title after lobbying for so much to actually get a title shot?, its quiet sad really and i hope that Zack can get back some sort of momentum when making his return to the company.

I seriously hope that Randy Orton does not win the Rumble, He is already on top of his game, he doesn't need the title and has held his spot on top of the Smackdown roster, If i was booking the rumble I would book a rising star to win, there are a slew of talent who could use the push and Randy Orton isn't one of them, let the guy continue his feud with barett rather than secure a title match at wrestlemania, they might as well go with someone new because now is the time to try something new when the PPV has the Rock and Cena headlining anyway, It will get a high number of buys regardless whose fighting for the world title.

This week saw the return of House M.D, Hugh Laurie's portrail of House has made this show rather enjoyable, the character is unpredictable, sometimes puzzling and very cunning, for those of you who don't know, this season may be the last and has provided the viewer with some astonishing tv, this week House as always played mind games in order to accomplish his own goals and further his own plans, it was compelling, as always if you want to know more about this weeks episode you'll have to watch it.

I find at the moment that I'm sleeping less and less, it's not a great thing and is something I'm hopefully going to change, my life is extremely active and has literally left my body in a mess, I'm going to try and get my sleeping pattern back this week and hopefully i will be backk to normal by next week, again here's hoping.

See you tomorrow for that severely delayed WWE 12 Review

Have a great night

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