Goodbye to an old friend, and hello to times anew

I’ve been an avid fan of Nintendo since childhood, I was born into the era of 8bit gaming, I saved princesses and destroyed dark overlords but today we will say our pre-destined goodbyes to one of Nintendo’s most innovative consoles, the Nintendo Wii,  it’s not a long goodbye however as the company will be making its debut into 4th generation gaming as it launches it’s newest innovation in gaming the Wii U, this my friends is the story of one of my most cherished  possessions.

In 1990 I had my first foray In gaming, my father purchased a Nintendo Entertainment System packaged with Super Mario Bro’s, Over the years my Collection grew and grew purchasing the Legend of Zelda prequels, duck Hunt and gradius as my collection grew so did my love for Nintendo, flash forward to November 2006, Nintendo had released its next generation alternative to the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 dubbed the Nintendo Wii.
What made this system unique was the motion controllers, the controllers where connected to a Blue tooth signal and were directed by a sensor bar placed above the television the system allowed me to take gaming to a new level, and experience something more physical than Nintendo’s competition, but alas I wasn’t able to get my hands on a Wii until the latter months of 2007, I purchased the console for a mere 30 pounds on Ebay and repaired it, with my new Wii in my grasp I was able to have my children experience the same feelings of fun and excitement that I felt as a child from the first game we were hooked.

Nintendo was able to cut costs offering more Nintendo owned titles rather than having third party releases this would change however with the addition of No More Hero’s an adult orientated game that would allow gamers to take control of Travis touchdown the games protagonist and anti-hero, the game was dirty, filthy and really enjoyable it tainted Wii’s family friendly image and gave the console a whole new level of play.

As the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 failed to attain the levels of success that Nintendo had enjoyed the Wii strengthened its weaknesses with new tweaks, and firmware updates with the addition of the Wii motion plus add-on Nintendo made the wii stronger, the console defined gaming with the steering wheel addition and Mario kart allowing gamers to experience the game like never before, from a drivers perspective, with shooters like house of the dead overkill I was in heaven, I finally had a console that I could enjoy on various levels, my experience was euphoric, it was a visceral feeling that I never wanted to let go of.
Now 2011 has passed and Nintendo has made known its plans to replace this rather unique console with the Wii U, the console boasts an updated processor, more third party additions and improved motion controllers, they’ve made sure that they covered all aspects of gaming adding the tablet controller to attain a unique method of play, this controller allows you to continue gaming whilst away from the television and also provide an additional perspective whilst playing your current favourite’s, I for one will be waiting with baited breath in order to attain a new way to experience gaming but this also marks the downfall for a rather unique console.

The last big release was at the end of 2011, Nintendo released The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword, A game that utilises Nintendo’s Wii to its fullest and allows hard core Nintendo fans to have one last foray into 4th generation gaming, with the Wii U edging closer and closer all attention has been given to the 5th gen counterpart, Releases will be slim at best but fear not Wii Fans as software modification has allowed gamers to play home brew, with support growing from the home brew community the Wii may just have a second chance at life that may allow gamers to play their favorite console and experience new and original content , I will always love my Nintendo Wii and it will always have a place in my home, with my family as part of my retro collection, but our time isn’t over yet.

So before you trade in your Wii for a new and improved model just think of the good times, and hopefully you’ll be picking up your controller for another round of new super Mario bros, or a shootout with the nearest Zombie in house of the dead overkill, because a Wii is not just for Christmas, Its for gaming life.

That's it from me, I'll see you in two days for more #Nerdgenious....
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