Dell Tech Support, Comic book growth and the failed reveal

Im going to start this post off by talking about the failure that is Dell Tech Support, I (like many Dell Owners), have continuous issues with my laptop, so  (like most laptop users) have called Dell tech support, the sad part of this story is that Dell have instructed their tech support department to swindle their customers.

They use false information and terms such as wear and tear to violate my agreement, I literally have to assert myself in order to make them adhere to my agreement and its getting annoying, The company continues to abuse its customers who pay for these agreements its completely and utterly appalling, This is the reason why we are in a recession in the first place, companies (like Dell) are strong arming people that they rely on, the consumer, if they feel that they can break these agreements without paying a penalty,

Now with that out of the way I would like to focus my attention on another big company, Marvel Comics has expanded, the company is moving into written novels, even though this decision isn't a new one on marvels part (fantastic four rise of the silver surfer novel, xmen children of the atom to name a few) Marvel is taking this step rather seriously and hopes to attract more fans with this new foray into written text.

On another Marvel note, make sure you check out issue 3 of Wolverine and the X-men, the book, in all its hilarity puts forth the notion that wolverine doesn't have to fight in order to  seek vengence, (you'll have to read from issue one to find out why), its a great read for any comic enthusiast and i would advise you to go out and grab a copy asap.

WWE Raw this week was a treat wrestling - wise, but i was  disappointed by the lack of creativity when it came to the big reveal, the 2012 videos were suppose to lead to an apocalyptic figure, someone who was going to take back what was there's, I understood it, I knew that it would be Chris Jericho returning to feud with someone who he felt had done him wrong, the issue i had with this reveal is that he did absolutely nothing, he didn't talk, he teased the crowd for about 10 minutes and didn't make any sort of impact, I can understand why but this reveal just left me looking at this whole angle as a waste, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Chris is back but seriously, why couldn't the guy actually do something meaningful.

Apparently though there is a bigger plan, Jericho will let us know his intentions soon and may even reveal who she is, lets wait and see and hopefully he can recover from mondays rather disappointing showing.

You can listen to mine, Anthoney Mangos and Chris Dace's thought's on the matter by clicking on the above video.

Thats it from me, I'll see you all in two days


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