Birthday Surprises, Raw's normality and Bryans heel progression

I decided to save my first #Nerdgenious post of the week for my Birthday, My Birthday came and went rather quickly and I was extremely busy with gifts and what not to actually take five minutes and sit down and write my thoughts, so i left it till Thursday (silly me).

Raw this monday seemed like a good show despite the bad rating, Daniel Bryan had a small squash match, Cm Punk beat Jack Swagger, Jericho continued to give us nothing and Kane decided to stalk Zack Ryder whilst Ryder changes a tire.

Seriously though?, why would anyone think that Kane was a monster by beating up a dumb idiot changing a tire?

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't Ryders fault, the WWE booking committee should shoulder alot of the blame in regards to this because of the way they booked Ryder, Ziggler and Kane moving forward to the Royal Rumble, Ryder  has been booked as a pointless Victim who hasn't even defended his US title, Kane has been booked as a monster without a clue, he continues to man rape Cena and make both himself, ryder and Cena look like a bunch of morons, then we have Ziggler, who managed to score two wins over the world champion CM Punk now being thrown off by Super Cena as John attempts to save his dear friend? can anyone say WTF?

Simple fact here folks the reason for the poor rating this week lays on the hands of creative and they need to stop booking for Vince and start booking these guys individually, If I had to rebook this scene i would have literally had Ryder running to the car with eve, jump in and drive off, simple, no one believes that a victim in a horror movie is going to change a tire before he gets killed, it's not plausible and has no common sense at all.

Speaking of No common sense, what the hell happened to Brodus Clay?

He went from being a dominant heel, to a big plush doll, Dustin Rhodes went to twitter to help stop some of the negative feedback and asked us to give it a chance, I will say one thing however it is different.

Well guys, I will be back tomorrow for another post,

it will be my usual comic review, stay tuned


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