Raw Ratings, inconsistancies and New champions

Firstly, I like to give a big shout out to my friends on Smarkout Moment who provided wrestling fans a rather hilarious view of wrestling in 2011 whilst presenting their year end rewards, its a great show and would advise you to take a look on youtube, I will be posting a link on this site to the entire episode so stay tuned.

Now lets talk about wrestling....

I can't wait to see how Daniel Bryan vs Bigshow next year plays out, with Bryan as world champion its really making the main event scene on smackdown interesting, the way Bryan and show kept taking jabs at one another has made their story rather interesting, I just hope that Bryan keeps the title and turns heel, it would give him the edge that he needs to become a credible world champion and could elevate both himself to the next level of his WWE career.

AnthonyMango and I went back and forth last week on the reason why raw's ratings were so low, the main consensus on this is that people are not buying CM Punk and Bryan as credible champions, i beg to differ, the main issue I've been having with raw for quiet some time is the announcing, I believe that Cole's announcing duties are becoming secondary to making Vince McMahon laugh, he openly mocks JR's bells pausy, he complains and buries every face champion on the roster and has no regard for anyone not named John Cena and the Miz, he has become whiny, annoying and someone i can barely tolerate, and the reason (i believe) that people are tuning out from WWE's A show, not Punk, not Ryder and not Bryan!.

Cole needs to either be limited or placed in a position were he can transfer some of his heat to someone else, otherwise they need to just stop, stop his annoying rants, stop his constant burial of WWE stars, just stop having the guy speak so much and interrupt matches, he is single handedly disrespecting the great matches by overshadowing them with his annoying whiney voice, please WWE just stop!.

I just hope that creative does not go backwards because of the bad rating, Punk needs to keep working as WWE champion and wining everyone over, he has been one of the biggest sellers (that was not John Cena), and needs to be focused on, he could have been the next big thing but now at least can carry the company until the next boom happens, dont make him suffer for one bad rating...

See you tomorrow guys, gonna change the pace a little and have a game review up

See you then

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