The nonsensicle and the blatently retarded

I want to take a little break from the usual and talk about the nonsense surrounding todays society.

Were supposed to be in a recession but inflation keeps rising, the government keeps taking shortcuts but the country is still in the sinkhole.

Stores are raising prices in order to generate interest and normal day to day work has become scarce.

it makes no sense...

The same can be said for the gamin industry, companies are placing more constraints on preowned gaming, apparently preowned games is as more lethal to the gaming industry than actually buying a pirated game, it causes more loses and provides less overhead, or so they say.....

If used gaming was such an issue why haven't retailers been barred from actually selling preowned games?, apparently because of the retailers need to stay in business and not enough copies of new games are being sold in order for shops like Game to compete with the bigger chains.

with cloud gaming being introduced through systems such as onlive, there will be more and more options for the developer and will cut down distribution costs by half, and by dedicating to this platform the risk of losing income to preowned games will die down also, as the subscription based service will allow onlive customers to purchase new games for much less than xbox and PS3 consumers but will this initiative help in the long run?, not necessarily and the biggest reason is brand loyalty.

Most gamers love their manufacturers and can't wait to play their beloved franchises next gen consoles, just look at the interest for the WII U, or the next gen XBOX and PS4 (unknown if these will be the actual names of the next gen consoles from either manufacturer), with brand loyalty console makers can charge a handsome sum and the loyalists will still buy.

But here is where the problem lies, pricing is the biggest issue in today's recession and with the price of games and console's going up, preowned is the only way to go, I'm not ashamed to say that most of my next gen consoles are preowned and purchased because I could get the luxury rather cheap compared to buying the console brand new, the biggest reason behind this?, the recession, It's stopped me from spending rather large amounts and luxuries such as gaming have to be put aside for bigger needs such as paying my rent on time, paying all my bills and making sure that my children get food and clothing, my paychecks last month to month with no option of putting any money aside and this is because we are left with no other option.

What makes matters worse is that developers such as I'D and Capcom are attempting to make consumers buy new by blocking certain privileges such as downloadable content (rage) and starting the game from scratch (Resident Evil Mercenaries), this backs the gamer into a corner and a frustrated gamer is something that game companies don't need, because they may just give up and leave.

So next time you sit there and judge someone for buying a preowned game, think why.

See you next week were i should be back to posting as normal.

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