Incest in hollywood, the pilot and the return of a masked man

I have to say today has been one of the worst days of my life, I can't wait to actually forget about today and move on to more pressing matters,

I've just finished watching this weeks episode of Dexter and I must say, its excelled beyond expectation but theirs on thing that's bugging me, one of the many side stories in this episode delved into the relationship between Deborah (Morgan) and her brother Dexter, the episode delved into the obscene as we took a look into Deborah's obsession with Dex and the reason why she keeps destroying her relationships with other men, and apparently its because she is obsessed with Dex sexually.

Seriously?, have the writers forgotten that an already established storyline has been put into place stating that Dexter is actually Harry's bastard son?, why would they progress with an incestuous relationship between the two?, I know Michael C Hall (Dexter) and Jennifer Carpenter (Deborah) were at one time real life husband and wife but the series doesn't need this kind of focus, Harry's got enough problems with his son being a seriel killer than actually seeing Dex and Deb fucking, I wonder what Jeff Lindsey (the author) thinks of this?

Colin Hanks performance as Travis Marshall is nothing short of amazing, Colin has shown such diversity from his prior role as Jack Bailey in the good guys (a series that should never have been cancelled), Colin has kept me glued to my television set as he has shown great emotional diversity from his supposed love for his sister down to his immense anger and sadism, he takes pleasure in bringing on the apocalypse and drawing on travis's religious strengths to help bring this character to life, hes surpassed every expectation and has emerged quiet the method actor from under his fathers shadow, I for one can't wait to see how his career progresses.


On that note i would like to touch on this weeks three hour slammy edition of WWE raw, this week, we saw the progression of feuds going into the TLC pay per view and i must say the one match which stole the show for me was the fatal four way between Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder, the match was considerably entertaining and had me wishing it had more time, the four of these guys went out and gave it there all and i believe we will be seeing more from Ziggler/Ryder and Rhodes/Bryan sooner than later (the former having a title match at the PPV), that being said the slammy awards were underwhelming, we had some entertaining segments with Punks ode to Johnny (Ace crusher) ace and his dynamic dude past and the continued feud between the divas of doom(or whatever they're calling these girls now) and RoadDoggs reemergence but apart from that nothing special.


 The show was capped off with the return of a masked Kane, to see him back in the masked persona is rather intriguing and adds a whole new level to the kane character, with his attack on John Cena we will see whats next for the character and were his current storyline will take him, lets just hope that the WWE writers don't drop the ball on this one and give this new Kane sometime to grow (remember guys character development is key here).

And Finally, #NerdGenious's first youtube show will be debuting in the next couple of days, Im hopefully putting the pilot to rest with some clever editing (because that's how i roll) and will be debuting #Nerdgenious - rewriting the book via my site soon, so make sure you check it out, if your a wrestling fan make sure you check it out.

so thats it for today guys, will see you in two and make sure you follow me on twitter, subscribe to me on youtube and facebook and google + me.

Have a great week guys


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