From Long Islands to Broken tables all the way to Raw

CM Punk stated that he would change the WWE for the better, and If you watched TLC, you would already seen that the WWE's change has already started...

No matter how much nihilists tend to rag on the WWE's booking (myself included), they do manage to take chances with talent something that TNA has lacked in regards to allowing talent like Punk to shine and shine he did.

If you watched his match in the threeway tables ladders and chairs match against Miz and Alberto Del Rio you would have seen the clinic these three men put on, they took their opportunity to headline this gimmick PayPerView and made it mean something, with every risk taken, to every bump these three let it all hang out and I will tell you something, the match changed my perception of both Alberto Del Rio and The Miz as Heels and made me believe that WWE has a shed load of faith in Punk as the Companies top guy.

Speaking of top guys, im curious to see were the company is going with Daniel Bryan, from weeks of being relegated to lower card then being brought back up to upper midcard status the booking comitte has now pulled the trigger on his world title reign, but what does this mean for Bryan's career, can he take his career to the next level with this reign and what can the company do with the man who is now the at the top of smackdowns rather small main event scene, the best way to keep Bryan fresh and to make his reign mean something is to do the unthinkable, turn Bryan heel and pair him with the man that criticised his journey through the WWE from day one, pair him with Michael Cole.

Cole has heat, real heel heat similar to Vickie Gurerro, why waste it at the announce table when they can just pair him with Bryan and have the two of them reign over Smackdown like it was their own personal hell, with challengers such as big show, mark henry, randy Orton and wade barrett waiting in the wings Bryan's credibility as world champion needs to be asserted and fast, and by pairing him with Cole his credibility will be immense, plus it gives Bryan a mouthpiece something he can use to his advantage until he is comfortable in his position as the main guy of the brand, he has all the tools to put on one hell of a match with anyone he chooses but he needs someone like Cole to help keep his position ontop a permanent one.

With that being said i would like to congratulate both Bryan, Punk and the long island Iced Z Zack Ryder on their jump up the card, all three of these guys put in alot of hard work, heart and commitment to their craft in order to elevate to their desired spots on the roster, I just hope that the WWE has enough faith in these three to commit to them all the way through to wrestlemania as I for one would love to see both Bryan and Punk stand tall as the PPV closes similar to the way benoit and eddie stood tall at wrestlemania 20.

It will mark a new beginning a new generation of wrestlers that will stand out head and shoulders above the rest, and i hope this takes the WWE into a brighter, bigger direction that will one day have the company looked upon the same way that it was looked apon when i was a child, the way it should be as the apex of wrestling companies.

These men are what made me want to be a wrestler and till this day make me love the wrestling business more and more, and i hope Punk and Bryan can carry the WWE to the next level and bring forth a slew of new talent that will inspire and invoke conversation among the wrestling enthusiast, but only time will tell.

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Hope your weeks going well

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