The decent of Daniel Bryan, Smacktalk and new projects

I managed to secure a new copy of the new limited edition of Dark Souls for 18 bucks, I took the ebay route on my gaming because of my financial situation, i cannot stress how much i have to scrimp and save in order to enjoy my gaming experience and I'm not ashamed to say that i look for the cheapest deal possible.

I've got the game on my play through to do list as I have others that will take precedence over Dark souls, the latter being WWE 12, once that game is completed I'll focus my attention on Arkham City and will then do a co-op play through of dark souls, It's gonna be one busy Christmas once i get through playing all these rather exciting games but hey, a gamers got to do what a gamers got to do...

This weeks raw actually managed to sell the upcoming TLC ppv (to my amazement), and has managed to make all involved looked rather strong, but i have a huge issue with the fans vs Cena storyline that is ongoing, it does nothing to elevate Cena, has made Ryder look like a joke and is literally getting on everyone's nerves.

The thing that the WWE brass doesn't get is that Cena is hated because his gimmick resembles hogan's, a gimmick the WWE attempted to recreate with Lex Luger and the lex express, no one cares about the gimmick, no one wants to see an all American as apple pie archetype, we want to see something different this is why the fans are drawn to Punk, Punks character differs from the usual, he is straight edged, Punk has the ability to break kayfab and treats wrestling as it should be treated, these men are not entertainers, they're not film stars, not television hosts, they are wrestlers and need to be treated as such.

This is the reason why having writers write for wrestlers is a bad idea, because everyone sounds the same, they sound like the individual writing for them, heels aren't allowed to be heels and the face's seem generic and rather frustrating and the worst of all the wrestlers aren't allowed to shine.

I wonder if someone from WWE creative actually watches Smack Talk (cheap plug), for two weeks straight we have seen ideas that myself, Tony and Chris have come up with being used on WWE television (a prime example is the Daniel Bryan insert to the Mark Henry/Show feud) and now the insertion of all minor PPV's to the WWE Network, the PPV's will be the main selling point of the Network allowing the fans to get drawn in for what is conceived to be a bargain price, instead of paying $50 for a single PPV, they can pay $10 a month for the PPV's plus original WWE programming for house holds being given the squeeze from the recession it would be well worth the money to pay for something that is seen as nonessential.

I apologies to anyone you feels that i was a little incoherent on this weeks Smacktalk, I've been suffering from the flue and it has left me rather bunged up, despite this weeks show will still be something rather enjoyable and is filled with hilarity due to Chris's heel turn and my annoyance with the return of Lilian Garcia.

Last but not least I am putting the finishing touches to a youtube show consisting of 13 episodes titled #NerdGenious - Rewriting the book!, the premise of the show is the host re-booking a feud that they felt was lackluster, the show will be completely interactive so if you feel that you hated a feud or just want to make a point leave a comment or email me at , please leave give details of the feud you want to rebook and why you feel it needs to be done, also provide details if you want to host your segment via camera or voice only (I'm adaptable), the information i get from your chance of actually making it on to the channel and remember you will get a credit on IMDB for hosting so it is worth the effort.

As always follow me on twitter, subscribe to my youtube channel and facebook page, you can now like nerdgenious on facebook and google + me also.

Have a great couple of days and see you for this weeks final #nerdgenious


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