Comic Book classics, burning returns and ignorant wrestlers

Firstly, I want to take this time to comment on Dustin Rhodes (a.k.a Goldusts) behaviour, for those of you who have no idea what im talking about Dustin tweeted : "I believe in christ and if u dont i block you so go walk with the devil."

I then replied: hey i just want to say im a muslim, and im proud of that, religion is about respect and diversity not about whose better :)

and that's the thing that gets me the most, Why would Goldust write such hateful comments to the people that follow the WWE brand, and represent himself in such a demeaning manner, fans of the product come in all shapes and sizes and are loyal, they are the main source of income and purchase everything from their favorite wrestlers t- shirts to limited edition belts to games, celebrities have no right to treat people in such fashion and need to stop before the next person they offend ends up stopping themselves (and everyone else for that matter) from watching wwe's product because of one individual and there egotistical stance on religion.

Now back to the topic at hand, yes my friends im talking about Comics.....

This week in the mighty world of Marvel the Fantastic four was relaunched with issue 600 and is continuing through 601, the issue not only shows a relaunch of the original four but also ties up some loose ends on the death of Johnny Storm (Not for the young mind you)

Storm looks revitalised but also alot older than his past elf, he has managed to come back through the negative zone and is attempting to stop the world from being destroyed by the Inhumans, the now revitalized four need to find a way of stopping this menace before its too late.

Pick up both issue's to gain more perspective on these events as they continue pick up a copy of Fantastic Four 600, the series is currently ongoing, I would like to see however what they do with the Future Foundation now that the Fantastic Four have reunited, only time will tell.

As we see one group revitalize another is broken at the seems, yes im talking about X force, as the archangel saga comes to a close we see an end to the dark presence known as apocalypse (for now anyway) as he attempts to destroy the world and bring fourth the apocalypse of human and mutant kind, the team manages to stop this whilst sacrificing a member of their own to do it, if you want to see more of this you'll have to read the complete saga from issue 10, its a great read and a visceral experience, it literally left me wanting more.

I would advise DC lovers and comic lovers alike to pick up a copy of Green Lantern issue 4.

The fact that Hal Jordan is relying on his worst enemy to get his fix of the power ring actually makes me think about Jordan and the ring bearers as a whole, they continue to get fixated with the ring, kinda like a drug, they miss it almost like it was what made them relevant in life, Sinistro on the other-hand seems to have taken the place of mogo as the creator and dispatcher of lantern rings, the story itself helps talk about the relationship of both Jordan and Sinistro and the many troubles that these two are having personally whilst attempting to save the ones they love.

This is (in my view) one of the best books of 2011 and has revitalized a character that was once seen as secondary to the likes of batman, superman and the flash, lets hope DC keeps up the good work with the excellent storytelling and amazing artwork.

Anyhoo thats enough from me,

See you on christmas day for the final nerdgenious of the week...


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