WWE 12 and other #NerdGenious Projects...

With TNA final resolution impending i was looking at ways that this Pay Per View would blow major chunks but in hindsight it may turn out to be an amazing Pay Per View regardless of whose booking it.

Myself, Anthony Mango and Chris Dace will be touching on the PPV plus results in the next Smarkout moment Smack Talk podcast but I'm not making any promises in terms of being nice as TNA have not been able to actually produce a proper feud in ages even though they have athletes the caliber of Robert Rhoode and Aj Styles.

In terms of life, I've been working my hardest to get #Nerdgenious up and running but have also been having a lot of problems with my (Real job), I hate it when people (I use that term very loosely) want to get a person fired for doing their job, a job which i take pride in, ive been on one hell of a roller coaster ride attempting to keep myself off the streets and somehow someway further journey towards my career, it takes one single individual to take that all away from you, and if that person is reading this i would like to say one thing, get a life you moron.

now moving on from that i'm doing a playthrough of WWE 12 starting this week and will be shooting the pilot for #NerdGenious presents rewriting the book, if you would like to be in either pilot email me at michaelburhan@nerdgenious.com, I'll send you all the details of both and you will be credited with an imdb credit for rewriting the book as it will be in episodic format.

Thats it for today as always follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, subscribe to my youtube and google + me have a great day and i will be seeing you in two days for more #Nerdgenious.

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