The awesomeness that is Supernatural!

I usually start my week off talking about the ups and downs of the wrestling world but today i'm gonna do something different.

I know that i come across as some sort of nihilist due to my rather negative opinions on wrestling, film and sometimes gaming, but today's post actually differs from my usual negative chatter, I'm going to talk about a show that has been going from strength to strength from day one that is Supernatural.

Starring Jared Padalecki and  Jensen Ackles as the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester the series tells the story of their lives from losses, tragedies and even loves, we the audience watch as these two young men grow and become the saviours of world as they have stopped everything from run of the mill demons to the apocalypse, but it's not the constant threat of death at the brothers door that makes us want more, moreso how they cope with each and every confrontation that they are faced with.

I want to touch more on the current season and the questionable decisions that were made by the shows creative team, season 6 left us with a cliffhanger, Castiel (played by Misha Collins) having believed that he is the new god and is using his immense power to eliminate not only the competition but those who unjustly use the name of god to their own advantages, Sam and Dean are immediately faced with a choice, kill their friend, or allow a madman to destroy himself and maybe even the world.

at the end of the first episode we see the end to Castiel and the rise of the Leviathans, a creature that is unstoppable and craves flesh, as the series progress we find out that the creature has a weakness but cannot be killed by any means we watch as both Sam and Dean are driven apart by these beings and their own mistrust of one another, the only person keeping the brothers from falling apart is their friend, mentor and surrogate father Bobby Singer.

As the Season finale progresses we  find Bobby being killed off or (or so it seems for now) and the brothers having to say a fond goodbye to their friend as he lies in a coma, we watch as his brain shuts down piece by piece by piece reflecting on the good times he has had being the ray of light to dark life that the boys had to lead.

This leaves us at a bind, were do we go from here?, how can the brothers survive without one of the biggest pieces of their arsenal, Bobby literally was a fact finder, confidant, and best friend to the boys, whenever they went off track Bobby was their to set them straight, his death has left the brothers in a terrible situation,  but nether the less the send off episode helped established not only how important Bobby was to Sam and Dean, but how important they were to Bobby, he looked at the boys as his own son's and cared for them as a father, his last words uttered to the boys was "Idiots" a term of affection, that one word expressed his love for the Winchesters and the last time he may ever see them again, Bobby smiles and drifts off as the two brothers look on as their mentor moves from this life to the next.

and emotionally charged ending to a rather inspirational character I hope that Sam and Dean find a way to resolve this chaos without the two biggest assets to aid them, with that being said i can't wait till January 6th and wonder where does the series go from here?, will it come to a close once the Winchesters find a way to save the world once more (if they do), or will this be the last season of a rather marvelously scripted and produced Television series that has kept viewers (like myself) glued to the television, only time will tell.

If you haven't seen this show i recommend starting from season one, the thing that is done rather beautifully with Supernatural is that all the pieces fit, each character has a purpose, each story has a reason each nemesis is built up as a threat, and unlike previous CW shows (Smallville cough cough) each story leads to an eventual payoff, weather good or bad there is always a logical reason for how each season ends and if they do bring the show to a conclusion I surmise that it will be a rather logical and spectacular one.

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