Xmas Shopping, Bad Booking,New Guardians and recieving a Raw Deal

Today I went for a great Xmas shop with the kids, my brother spent a great deal of money on my little ones, getting them prezzies galore so they could enjoy their Christmas holidays, I relish the time i've spent with them using these last couple of weeks to bond with my children, they remind me of my childhood full of innocence and trust, wanting everything and being denied nothing, they were spoilt rotten and went home with huge smiles.

Raw did it's job this week by building towards survivor series but did nothing to build the main event, i credit the WWE's lazy booking moreso than the Rock being advertised for the event, the promise of the Rock will make sure that the event is a sellout, but it shouldn't stop the creative team from actually promoting a wrestling show, god knows that the audience has had its issue's with the lack of creative direction for all new and established talent, it's like the WWE is unsure how to promote guys who came with their own fanbase.

The show was Ok, and managed to get Ryder over in the main event building towards his PPV match with the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, this match for me will draw my attention towards the PPV hopefully building towards a Ryder title run and Promote Ziggler (one of WWE's more promising workers) towards the main event, it urks me when they can't book a match that has so much investment going in to its eventual goal of elevating these two young talents, because that's where the WWE's future lies, in it's rather young and established talent that will eventually be the heels and face's of tomorrow and will carry the company towards the next decade.

Is it me or should Cena stop looking so god damn unbeatable, the guy is like superman all he does is no sell a match and squash his opponents it hurts him and the guys that he's supposed to put over, I understand that the guy is carrying the company but he needs to tone down his no sell  and allow the heel to at least defeat him legitimatly.

In other news, TNA has managed to secure Ohio Valley Wrestling as a developmental territory for the promotion, in an attempt to look legitimate in the eyes of the wrestling masses, this move benefits Danny Davis's territory the most as it will secure a promotion for all talent currently training there, and build on an already established territory that has managed to produce breakout stars such as ODB, CM Punk, Brent Albright, Dolph Ziggler to name a few, the developmental territory proved rather fruitful for the WWE in its heyday but can it produce the same results without the companies involvement?, only time will tell.

Hopefully TNA will be able to build on its already credible roster and help motivate and train its core talent in order to establish the company as a legit number 2 wrestling promotion as opposed to WWE's sports Entertainment Franchise (Don't hold your breath).

Speaking of TNA, I for one don't understand how one company can foolishly piss away a storyline that could have lasted over six months, the separation of Beer Money and Robert Roode's path to heeldom should have at least had a slow legitimate build in order to salvage the fiasco that was bound for glory, instead they did a quick turn and title switch all in one go, the ratings may be up but were do they go from here?, what's next for the uncredible TNA world champion whose push has been flushed down the shitter from second guessing by the companies top officials whose lack of wrestling knowledge and constant politicking is hurting TNA as a whole.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians has to be one of my all time favorites as far as comics go, Issue two has led me to question the whole premise behind the guardians and if the lanterns as whole will survive, and what's with the whereabouts of lafreeze? has he suffered the same fate as the other lanterns who've lost their rings aswell as their lives?

Issue 3 may be the answer, I would advise you all to grab a copy as soon as they hit the stands, Its a well written and well established story that has been built from the beginning.

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