WWE Studio's - what went wrong?

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WWE had a financial conference call a few days ago hosted by company chairman (non kayfab) Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon, one of the issue's that was brought up is the hemorrhaging of WWE studio's were as most of WWE's 3rd quarter revenue was actually up the Studio has made of a loss of 9 Million using it's current business model.

So what went wrong?

From being on both sides of the fence I believe here are a few major issue's that are making WWE's studio fanchise suffer.

Secondary actors and leading WWE superstars

This preliminary is what turns the fans away film's such as That's what I am are suffering because of lackluster performance's from WWE superstars, Vince needs to wake up and see that if he want's a major studio he needs to work from outside, not within his company.

Every time i see a WWE superstar (sans the big show) they have put on rather wooden performances with the interpretation of just being themselves, it doesn't work, If John Cena is going to play a certain character than he needs to actually do his research.

To fix this problem WWE needs to focus on outside talent, established names that have put butt's in theatre's just look at the Lionsgate business model, they started off distributing movies and than became viable enough to hire major talent and acquire decent scripts, there is no reason why WWE can't do the same.

Focusing on distribution via other channels

WWE is not getting the numbers that most studio's would be getting by attempting to get their talent on screen, they need to focus more on straight to DVD and Digital distribution, the cost is less, so are the rewards but it's tried and tested, I've known of horrible movie studio's (like the asylum) that actually make money based off Straight to DVD revenue, they don't bother with Cinema releases, and the fact is no matter how bad their movies  are, they still turn a decent profit, why can't WWE?

Change the company name

No matter how hard Vince tries, WWE will always be synonymous with wrestling, no matter how they attempt to brand the movie studio people will always see guys like Cena, Triple H, Kane (to name a few) as wrestlers, no one wants to watch these guys in theaters because all they can think of is wrestling, changing the brand name and distancing the company from WWE maybe a good idea if they want to actually be taken seriously.

For god sake's get Cena an acting coach or just don't put these guys in your movies!

Just stop it, the difference between Cena and the Rock?, the Rock actually learnt from his mistakes and sought help, now hes actually pretty decent compared to Cena who doesn't have time to learn lines, look at his character, reherse and question the script, he doesn't have to time to immerse himself in his performance, acting is more than just spouting lines and Cena needs to udnerstand that.

Get yourself a proper studio head

Stop having Vince make the decisions, have someone seperate who understands what the studio business is about, give them a budget and allow them to work their magic, and for goodness sake's stop buying shitty scripts, if the writing is bad why are you allowing yourself to release garbage!.

The final step Vince could take is eliminating the studio entirly, whats the point having something that you have no idea about?, stop wasting money on it, that would easily save the company 9 million a year.

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