Weird Nights, Emo Vampires and the sexual exploits of dog lovers

For all you wrestling lovers check out the latest podcast of Anthoney Mango's Smacktalk, its a great show We discuss many subjects including Chyna's foray into porn and her need to go back to the WWE for what she states is closure, I'm no fan of Chyna, think she's completely overemotional and has an apparent need to express to the whole world that she craves attention, but the WWE is a different place now and there will probably be no way in hell of her making an appearence, TNA doesnt even want to use her, so the best thing for her is to get some help, find some inner peace and just stop trying to go back to the past when she still has a future.

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Whilst awaiting the release of my next batch of comics i picked up a copy of Humprhies and Sanders "Our love is real", the comics promotes itself to be rather sexually explicit and shocking when in fact its quiet the opposite, the comic explores the Idea of Sexual expression between Mankind (and well) Everything!, with the elimination of the Aids virus mankind can be as intimate with whatever and whomever they please and it just gets confusing, we have a moment when the title character (Jok) is confused by his feelings for the Antagonist of the story (Brin) the sexual nature of this story is all over the place but the story itself has a simple subtext, it's about love, love is not solely based on attraction and doesn't use labels, its about who your heart lies with, does it make all this sexual exploration right?, who am i to judge.

However it seems that a lot of the vulgarity and sexual exploration in this story is clearly just a vehicle to shock the reader, it plays out moreso as a PR stunt in order to attract the reader to the real plot line which is being underlined in the subtext, if your easily offended i would not recommend this book for you, but will say that despite the vulgarity it is rather a simple piece that has its place, just not on my comic book shelf.

The first part of the final twilight film is coming and I for one just don't get it,  I understand the concept of forbidden love but i see Vampires the same way as i would shagging a bear, it's dangerous and you wont get much of a thrill once the thing starts munching your face!.

All kidding aside, i would advise any Vampire Lover (shagger) to go and pick up a copy of Anne Rice's Vampire chronicles, the books were a stepping stone to saga's such as twilight and paint a rather vivid picture of Vampires through the eyes of the books Anti hero Lestat, an intriguing read and will get you hooked from the first page.

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