Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free: John 8:32

Did i just use religion in a blog post?


The same way Jack Roberts quoted John 3:16 when advancing to the finals of the King of the Ring 1996 

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

In retaliation to this Austin quoted his own version of this and rose to prominence "You talk about your John 3:16's, well Austin 3:16 says i just whooped your ass!"

This in turn brings me to today's post, R - Truth was suspended on January 22nd 2011 for Violation of the companies Wellness Policy...


Don't what me!

So, why should i care?

Simple, This violation indirectly sends a message to the main event talent in the WWE, don't do drugs, especially synthetic ones, but Truth did recieve some kind of special treatment from the upper management, he was a valuable asset due his team being used as fodder for the Rock and Cena.

This also give's the booking committee time place Truth in a mid card feud upon his return which I hope he doesn't screw up a second time.

Which Matt Hardy has done again, and again, and again, the thing i don't understand about this is why the hell hasn't anyone talked to Matt and who the hell offered this guy a beer in the first place?

Yes, I do understand that a man makes his own decision and Hardy is suffering the consequences of a very bad decision, but were are his so called friends, family were are they when this guy is suffering and is in need of help, he needs to sort himself out before its too late, I just don't want to see him on the already long list of wrestlers who passed on due to their obsession with drugs and alcohol.

Raw this week came off strong from survivor series rather pointless main event, it started us off with a rather awesome promo from Punk, built Nash's feud with triple H a little more just by giving the big man some more mic time, and brought closure (abruptly i might add) to the feud between Miz, Truth and Cena, I understand the means behind it but i felt that the duo could have done more, they were on the cusp of main eventing, the end was done moreso to leave Miz as a credible heel and move him back up to the WWE title picture, instead we are left with someone who has done all he can as a heel and needs to do something quick to turn face before his career comes to a screeching halt.

For those who want a review on the survivor series PPV, I will do so on Saturdays Smacktalk so stay tuned for that :)

See you in tomorrow were i will be posting about why Wrestlers don't always equal actors.

See you then

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