The Perils of bad booking, Dwayne Johnson, and A Green WII U

I can understand the point of Mick Foley hosting a comedic segment with John Cena but i feel that the this is your life segment has been done to death, the idea was original when it happened to the Rock and even amusing when the Rock turned the tables on his old pal Mick Foley, but seeing this happen to Cena doesn't really do anything, the segment was made for comedy but did nothing to build towards Survivor Series.

Raw was pretty solid, with Christian injured Dolph Ziggler has been added to Wade Barrets survivor series team, with Dolphs adittion to the team this means there will be no Us title match added to the PPV which squashes Zack Ryders chances at attaining his goal for a match at Madison Squared Garden against his choice opponent, which leaves the card in a difficult position, well they still have a few more weeks to build the ppv so well see what happens.

Speaking of progress, The green lantern animated series has peeked my interest, the show is a different take on the lantern corps with the Protagonist (Hal Jordan) attempts to save the universe against the red lanterns led by atrocitus, the series pulls no punches as we see worlds destroyed, hero's perish, in a war that was started by the lanterns own guardians of the universe.

The series has one thing going for it, a great story, the animation reminds me of Batman the Animated series, I have high hopes for this series so anyone who is interested you can find Green Lantern on every friday on Cartoon Network.

I spent the remainder of my day reading through Marvels Spider Island Story Arch which sees the whole of New York literally turned into human spiders, more and more people are infected with the same gene that bestowed Spiderman with his rather unique abilities, soon each person starts to change becoming more spider like nearly 99% of New york is infested, its a great story and the end sees a new chapter in the life of peter parker, I want to see where Marvel goes from here and were they are going with the new cast of characters in the Spiderverse.

The Wii U will be debuting in 2012 and by the looks of things is shaping up to be a rather amazing next gen console, Nintendo for me have always managed to raise the bar in family entertainment and are looking at branching out to attract gamers, there's not much known about the Wii U yet, apart from the fact that you get a brand new tablet pad which allows you to play the console portably and has a vast amount of new features, for more information check my Friend Nintendo Lee's blog by clicking here.

Lee's blog is also available on the recommendations page.

Lastly I have a new book debuting on,, stay tuned to this site for more information as it develops.

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