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I'm having alot of fun with the Xbox 360 Kinect, it's a great little device but needs abit of adjusting in order to get the best use out of it, I Purchased the product for my 5 year old daughters birthday, and i have to admit i'm getting alot of enjoyment out of it.

The Kinect allow's the xbox to compete with consoles that are more family friendly such as the WII, Whilst Sony looked at Copying Wii's remote sensor, Microsoft looked at utilising a device that used the whole of a persons body in order to mimic and channel full movement.

The Kinect does just that, it allows a person to interact with a game and inturn helps little ones get some exercise.

Games such as Disneyland, Kinect Adventure help utilise the device to its full potential using mini games and sandbox modes in order to create a gaming environment similar to real life.

Heres another pic of myself enjoying the Kinect with my 5 and 3 year old.

and yes I know i'm making faces....

The whole premise of this weeks Raw was to tease a Cena heel turn, I can understand why they did it, or if they will actually go through with it, but doing this spot with Piper did nothing to promote the next Pay Per View, and with Cena without a program there's not much they can do with the biggest draw in the company, maybe they will elevate Miz to fill the spot left by the Rock or just have Cena cut a promo,  If it was upto me however I would use this time creatively, use the heel spin to get another face superstar over, quiet similar to what the WWE had done with Tatanka and Lex Luger, have a low card babyface tease a Cena heel turn and have that person turn himself, it would allow Cena to take part in an interesting feud prior to his match with the Rock at mania and would also allow a new heel into the mix.

the Match pitting Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton was something to be admired, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, allowed the Heel Ziggler to slowly climb the main event ladder by beating Orton, helped progress the feud between Orton and Barrett and allowed Orton to put Ziggler over without damaging any of his credibility as a face, it was perfect and i commend the WWE in the way they have handled all three of these guys, this is what booking should be about, getting every character over, allowing the fans to understand each character, this in turn gets the character over.

The segment with Cole and Bryan helped promote the match for Tuesdays Smackdown taping and it helped elevate both guys in terms of main event credibility, Bryan needs some training to allow his promo's to get over with the crowd, he is an already over baby face with a strong work ethic but needs more, this is were things like acting coaches can help, Bryan needs to show more emotion in order to make his promos sound more fluid, his promos most of the time sound forced and this is no fault of his own, I doubt there is anyone who can teach the art of cutting a pomo in the WWE other than guys like the rock, Cena and Punk (to name a few), delivery is a major part of what makes a wrestling promo work (also one of the ways to get a character over as an actor also), If Bryan can learn to deliver his promos than his dream of becoming a maineventer may become a reality sooner rather than later.

Smackdown was a little lackluster especially for being a live show, I simply hate the holiday themed show's and this show was no exception, apart from the main event it was built around silly themed matches, lower card talent and getting hornswoggle over, an example of this was the divas battle royal for a supposed chance at the divas championship, it was promoted as such but then overturned by Mick Foley, a great guy and ample choice for General Manager (If WWE were to go that route) and instead made into a Divas kissing wrestlers segment, it was stupid, had no point to it and did nothing to get the TLC pay per view over (this is the point of these shows), Smackdown like raw has done nothing to build the card, with the exception of the match between Bryan and Henry there was little to no point of the show at all it was a waste of two hours.

Now down to the cage match, the match itself helped elevate Bryan as a credible threat to Henry's World championship and also allowed Henry to stay credible in his fight to retain his world title, I knew that Bryan wasn't going to win the belt on this ocassion but i still routed for the guy, he was tremendous in this match and put on one hell of a match utilising submission moves such as the ankle lock in order to tell the story in the ring and prove that he was a maineventer in waiting, I hope the WWE does pull the trigger on this guy soon, because if they don't they may miss the boat on a champion that could bring back prestige to the World Heavyweight title, something that has been lacking for quiet sometime now.

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