#NerdGenious Extra- Review of Dead Rising 2:OTR

DR2OTR 360 FOB.jpg
Developer Capcom Vancouver
Publisher Capcom
Platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Release date NA: October 11, 2011
JP: October 13, 2011
EU: October 14, 2011
Game modes Single player, Co-Op
Ratings CERO: Z (Ages 18 and up)
ESRB: M (Mature)

Ladies and Gentlemen Frank West is back!, well sort of....

Dead Rising 2:OTR is a re imagining of the initial game replacing Chuck Greene with Frank West as the protagonist, instead of blazing through  as chuck green trying to clear your name and get Zombrex Frank West enters Terror is reality in a last ditch effort to hang on to his fading celebrity, disgusted he walks away but stumbles upon a dodgy deal.

As the plot thickens Frank lands in the middle of an Zombie outbreak as he attempts to solve the mystery of who is behind the outbreak and why it happened.

Now what happened to the initial Protagonist Chuck Greene?

As you can see here Chuck has lost Katie and well his mind...

Remember, this game is a re imagining of Dead Rising 2 which means it has some slight changes, these include a wider sandbox with an added bonus Uranus Zone.

With the additions of Uranus Zone and the new Sandbox mode which gives the player a chance to achieve the trophies and bonus items without cutting into the story mode it's a huge bonus for players like myself who end up having to choose between completing the initial story of going for trophies

Because this game is all about Frank, you now can earn achievements by taking photos as well as stomping a mud hole in a Zombies anus ( I prefer the latter), but with that being said there's not very much that separates this game from its predecessor, the game still plays fairly the same as Dead Rising 2, you can still rescue survivors in order to gain achievement points and achieve the S ending that all us gamers crave.

Terror is reality online game and the dpad assist have now been eliminated in order to add Uranus Zone and Sandbox mode, but for those who have the original dead rising 2 theres not really much of an issue.

and for those who do crave Chuck Greene you can still play him in  co-op mode.

With all these changes is this game worthy of the Dead Rising name?, yes but it would have done alot better as downloadable content, paying full price for a game that is a carbon copy of its predecessor doesn't really make the gamer in me a happy camper.

Now down to the rating system, for games (such as this one) I have added a genious rating, the rating is from one to five, one being terrible and five being the highest rating i could bestow on a game.

For dead rising:OTR i give the rating of 3 out of five, still playable but I would have preferred the game on XBOX live.

and once you've accessed and completed all the new zones in this game you may find it hard press to actually play this game a second time around.

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See you tomorrow guys


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