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Firstly before i get to the topic at hand i want to address a few things, I know that a few things stated in this blog may seem unpopular and you may feel that my opinion is wrong or even biased, the best way to address these issues is by posting your opinion, i love to debate and feel that every opinion right or wrong is valid.

And without our ability to use free speech we might as well all go round ignoring people we don't agree with , just do me a favor and don't be a douche about it.

Now back to the article, firstly I would like to comment on The Rocks appearance this week on WWE Raw, i understand that his time is limited but in order to build feuds he has to actually be physically involved in this feud with Awesome - Truth, without his presence the feud seems to dampen and the fans will start to turn off because they are being given a promise for an appearance that the WWE cannot give them, its annoying!.

That being said I really found Mondays Raw rather entertaining, the WWE has managed to integrate the Muppet's with the WWE stars to pull off rather humerus sketches,

It worked, the best part was that the Muppet's didn't hurt the overall product, they utilized the Muppet in backstage segments and allowed the superstars to work the matches, it worked and didnt take any attention off of the current storylines.

My biggest issue is the end of Raw, why did they allow Cena to win his match against the Miz clean?, they booked Cena to take out both Truth and Miz singlehandedly so tell me, why does Cena need the Rock?

The whole premise of this show was to establish the main events, If I were on the WWE's booking committee i would be focusing on establishing why Cena wanted to team with the Rock to begin with?, there was a threat, AwesomeTruth were taking out everyone day by day but now Cena has just paid them back for taking him out on the last PPV so why would anyone care about Survivorserie

If you want to hear more of my views on all things WWE, TNA and Ring Of Honor please remember to tune in to episode 2 of Smack Talk the link will be posted on Smack Talk radios official site Smark out moment which you can acess by clicking on the recommendations link and select smark out moment from the drop down menu.

And Finally, if you a fan of the Richard Donner directed Superman Trilogy starring Christopher Reeve than you've probably heard about the fan film that has just finished post production, the film titled Superman Requiem, as a comic book enthusiast and all around nerd i will be taking a look when the film is finally released on 11.11.11 .

You can also check out the films Facebook page on my recommendations drop down menu above.

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