Techgenious: - How to merge your Xbox 360 account with your live account

OK, before i start this how to guide i want to make something completely clear, merging your accounts is not illegal, but making unauthorized modifications to your Xbox 360 is so, if you use these tools in any way to cheat or mod your Xbox 360 this blog or any parties involved are not responsible and in no way condone such actions.

Now for the guide, I've been wanting to do a how to guide for awhile and i've checked all the forums for this topic and no one has even covered this, most say its impossible, I will be making a how to video on the subject so look out for that.

merging your xbox 360 accounts

Have you ever had a problem attempting to make your offline account an Xbox live account?, Or you make a separate Xbox live account and you want to move all your offline achievements to said account? now you can

The tools you will need to do this:

  • A usb stick that has been formatted for use with your xbox 360
  • The internet (Of course otherwise there's no point)
  • Modio Download here

I will assume that you have formatted your USB stick for your xbox 360, place the stick in your xbox 360 and log out of your offline account

Now once you switched profiles you will need to go to the settings and then go to memory and accounts, select your account.

Once this has been done do not take the USB device out just yet. you'll need to open up your browser and go to the Xbox Live page to create your new free live account (For those that already have one you will need to repeat the move profile step of this guide so that you have both on your usb stick), you can do so by  clicking here

First you need to click on join now

Then select the package which is right for you ( I would normally select free), once this is done fill in all your information that you want registered to that account (email adress etc).

Now you need to go back to your xbox and recover your new gamertag

  • Any achievements or changes that you have made since the account last connected to Xbox LIVE will be lost during the recovery process.
  • Do not recover your gamertag to a friend's console as a convenience. You might lose your saved games. Instead, follow the steps in Use a gamer profile on another console.
    To recover a gamertag
    To recover your gamertag, you need the associated Windows Live ID and password for your Xbox LIVE account.
  1. If you’re signed into Xbox LIVE with another gamertag, press the Guide button, and then press X on your controller to sign out.
  2. Press the Guide button on Xbox controller
  3. Press the Guide button again, and select Recover Gamertag.
  4. Select to Recover Xbox Gamertag
  5. Select Recover Gamertag again.
  6. Enter your Windows Live ID and password for the gamer profile that you want to recover.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions.

Once this has been done use the USB process to extract your new profile and place it in the USB stick.

Using Modio

Once Modio is downloaded install it and connect the two profiles that you removed from your xbox360 and place them on to your desktop.

Now that's done you will need to open modio and explore your profiles, now heres the hard part you need to select the information from the xbox live account that you have on your system and paste the information onto your old offline account.

the only information you need to change will be the profile ID, once this has been done you will see your profiles name change from its offline name to the current Xbox live account name, if this happens then you will know that this has been done right, click on rehash and resign and place your profile back on your xbox, replace your old offline profile with the updated one that you have just resigned, and log back into your account, congratulations you have now successfully merged your accounts...

If you have any issues with this process please leave a comment below and i will leave a reply and remember to follow me on twitter, subscribe to my facebook, youtube accounts and add me to your google + circles.

see you tomorrow for the final #Nerdgenious! of the week


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