#NerdGenious Extra - WWE Allstars

As the Miz's entrance says " I came to play", and play i shall..

From the makers of Smackdown vs Raw and Legends of Wrestlemania comes a WWE game with a difference..

One of the reasons i picked up a copy of this game is because of the differences from the new WWE 12, it differs greatly because it reminds me moreso of the WWE games i played as a child, games like Super wrestlemania or Saturday nights main event, but unlike the games of old the characters shapes, sizes and movesets are greatly exaggerated.

It's these exaggerated differences that make this game unique from the far out move sets, to the extreme finishers, it makes for a great play especially if you have kids.

The game has a few options from championship mode were you can challenge an opponent from either era to gain a title shot, I chose to go on the legends path and face the undertaker for the World Heavyweight championship

As you can see the promo's for the game are rather unique, there more cartoonish but still maintain a straightforward attempt at storytelling, the more opponents you beat, the more the game reveals to you, the best thing about this part is that you get to see a more oldschool style of gameplay and of course my favour manager Paul Bearer!.

Your choices with this part of the game are to compete for either world championship or the tag titles against De Generation X, with each completion comes a new addition to the game.

The second Option in the game is called Fantasy Warfare were you play as one of the two options they give you for each match up scenario, each match comes with its own story shown as a promo, the way these stories are edited help set the stage for these matches and allow the player to come face to face with matches that can only happen in dreams.

there are also Xbox live modes such as ranked matches, unranked matches and online play, and as always other exibition modes to unlock.

Now does this game match up to the hype?, well i purchased my copy today and played through and i found this game highly enjoyable but rather frustrating, I found myself losing matches fairly quickly and some opponents literally reversing every move i made, I also found it highly enjoyable because it wasnt an easy wrestling game.

Most wrestling games i find have easy ways to win matches and allow you to progress, with all stars however you will have to work your ass off in order to unlock bigger and better options, however the game does have its flaws, The entrances are rather short, The games over the top characters kinda get old rather quickly and i find that each characters fighting styles have similar traights, for example most highflyers have the ability to jump over ropes and do turnbuckle finishes.

another issue i had, like its predecessor legends of wrestlemania the game is rather limited, you only have a few challengers then once their finished there's not much else to it.

Now down to the rating

I give this game a rather enjoyable three out of five

Enjoyable but once completed i don think i would pick this up again

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