#NerdGenious Extra: Batman Arkham City Review


Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios

Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Square Enix (Japan)[1]

Director(s) Sefton Hill

Writer(s) Paul Dini

Engine Unreal Engine 3

Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360

Release date(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • JP November 23, 2011[5]
Microsoft Windows
Wii U

Genre(s) Action-adventure, beat 'em up, stealth

Mode(s) Single-player


Media/distribution Optical disc, download

Before i start the review I want to say a big thank you to all that have been viewing this blog, it's surpassed my expecatations and I hope it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, I will keep writing as long as you all keep reading.

Thank you 

Now down to the game, Arkham City is the sequal to Batman Arkham Asylum and works within the same continuinity as the original, the game is a wide plan game so the player is not confined to a single space, it's more open which means more side missions, more trophies and side missions to play with.

It was stated awhile back that Detective mode had been deactivated but through playthrough i have seen this is not the case, it seems that Rocksteady listened to the fans and kept the game pretty similar to the original with the adittions of Robin and catwomen plus their own challenge maps to the game, so there is more here for someone with alot of time on their hands.

The story has a rather interesting plot, Bruce Wayne attempts to intervieign in the runing of Arkham city causing a media uprising in the process, Wayne is then kidnapped and held within the walls or Arkham City, Bruce manages to escape and changes into his batman costume, armed as Batman Wayne attempts to solve the mystery behind Arkham city and the events that are happening within.

This game is rather unique as its none cannon Rocksteady utilises this and brings together the original cast from batman the animated series having mark Hamil and Kevin Knory reprise their roles as Batman and the joker respectivly, the game utilises a rather unique combat style approach having the player combat enemies with tactical manouvering it allows you (as batman) to go into deep cover and utilise your strengths to take care of your various enemies in order to progress through the story and solve your various missions in order to gain achievements.

The story is very jam packed having batman combat villains such as clayface, two face and the penguin , the joker is widely involved in this game also and is a thorn in batmans side, what impresses me is the length of the story, its a none stop thrill ride from the word go and the pace never slows allowing the player to analyse events and challenge their other abilities, this game is not about who many buttons you can press, its moreso about puzzle solving and combat style.

are their any cons? none that i see, if anything the game is too challenging and you will have to play through it more than once in order to complete your achievements and complete every aspect of the game, and a bonus, Harly Quin looks damn hot!

There is also a moral dilemma here one of the games subplots is the jokers health,you decide weather you want to save or let the joker die, either way the story leads to a final confrontation, a way for batman to either end his feud with the joker or allow it to continue.

All in all this game is something that you all should place on your christmas list, it exceeds expectations and brings about a rather visceral feeling, from the amazing story the great voice work down to the beutiful texture of the games graphics there are no reasons why this game shouldn't be on your whishlist.

For this i give Arkham City My first ever

Five out of Five

Thats it from me for today and I will see you tomorrow with another straight talking, Nerdy blog

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