Four day Hiatus and the perils of being a smark

I was accused of being a wrestling smark because I expressed my displeasure with the way WWE has booked the entire survivor series card.

Well if loving wrestling leads to smarkdom than maybe I am...

My main issue with the WWE's current product is the fact that they are relying too much on the Rock to bring in the audience, that's fine but in the long term it does nothing to elevate the huge pool of talent on the WWE's roster as Jim Ross says "bringing a celebrity into wrestling is fine, but it needs to be done properly".

That's the optimum word here "Properly"

Since the Rock's re-debut in the company the WWE has been building a long term feud between the two biggest stars in its current generation and its past leading to a feud that will hopefully elevate John Cena, now down to survivor series, with the Rock expressing his need to be in ring shape the WWE has booked him in a tag match with John Cena, in kayfab they expressed this as a need of Cena to team with a partner he can trust in order to combat the two biggest heels in the WWE (Miz and R Truth), but from the beginning of this feud Cena has literally taken down the team by himself expressing no need to partner with the Rock and inturn has led the face team to bicker, now if booked properly this storyline could have been a huge draw for survivor series but has instead been booked to look like an old school stuperstars warm up match.

This doesn't make the fan in me wan't to watch the PPV...

What i am looking forward to however is Dolph Ziggler doing double duty (again) working the survivor series 5 on 5 match on the side of team Barrett and of course his Us title defense which will propel Ziggler into the main event, Dolph has been the most consistent wrestler (Im sorry Superstar) in the WWE's roster having amazing matches with everyone he challenges, Ziggler will truly shine tonight and which will hopefully be the match of his career.

Am I looking forward to survivor series?, no, but as a fan I will hold my head up high and support wrestlers like Dolph so they can continue to shine.

For more of my picks for tonights PPV go to and check out smack talk radio, this week myself, Anthony Mango, and Chris Dace have a rather comical debate on Tonights Survivor series card and express the pros and cons going into tonight's PPV, just click on the banner to view part 1

You can also read survivor series spoilers and reports from the PPV on the Smark Out moment site, so for those who don't watch live but want to stay updated check it out.

For those who are looking for a new game to play but don't want to pay through the nose, I would advise you to buy a copy of MineCraft, you can also get a copy of a free online beta to see if the game is for you, the object of the game is to survive, mine precious minerals, build a home, kill your food and get in doors before anything attempts to make you their next meal.

I for one have had hours of play, i literally hate to put this game down it's an amazing experience and for something that's merely cubes and pixels it's one hell of an addiction, you can acess the beta site by clicking here

After receiving one of my many updates from (i'm also on there if you wan't to take a look) I came across an interesting article concerning one of the most sought after Zombie games of this year (Deadisland), the film rights have been purchased by Lionsgate and they are hoping to create a rather interesting film adaption, I will be waiting for the film adaption with bated breath but have one request, please Lionsgate stay true to the story.

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See you in a few


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