Banner descends into madness as the serpent rises!

Ladies and gentlemen, We at #Nerdgenious Interrupt your regularly scheduled post for a blog about comics.

If your interested in comics then you'll be in for a treat this November.

The Marvel Comics Fear Itself event concludes with Fear Itself 7 were a major sacrifice was made in-order to keep the serpent at bay, we saw a change of the guard and the reemergence of the original captain america Steve rogers.

If you haven't read this comic yet, pick up the newly released fear itself graphic novel, contains all main books from 1 to 7.3.

Speaking of reemergence, Hulk 1 volume 3 sees the green monster attempting to seek peace but instead is thrown back into the path of destruction which leads him to a rather familiar enemy.

Its a great re-introduction of the character into the Marvel universe and for once the reader actually see's things through the eyes of the monster instead of the eyes of Bruce banner.

Speaking of Monsters, I purchased the latest Issue of  Green Lantern:The New Guardians.

In this issue the mystery is finally revealed as to why the rings sought out Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and who is the responsible individual behind this, we also learn that the Guardians of old have stripped themselves of all emotion, and our looking to destroy the lantern corpse from within, great story and amazing artwork this is a must read for any comics enthusiast.

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