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Most of you who know me will know that i have one simple aim in life and that is to tell a story, I trained as a wrestler before my career came to a crashing halt, I am now pursuing that dream as an actor.

what does this have to do with my review on the expendables you may ask?

Simple, the expendables like most of Stallone's vanity projects is a terrible eyesore not only to the action genre but as a whole the film shouldn't have even made it to the big screen at all!.

Now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of Stallone, like me he is a sufferer of Bells Pausey and like me Stallone looks to tell a story, writing, directing and acting in his own body of work, herein lies the problem.

Stallone has played many an inspirational role playing the likes of Rocky Balboa and John Rambo.

The Expendables by far is no Rocky to a lesser extent not even a Rambo, now ask me again what my problem is with the Expendables?

This film was promoted as an action movie symbolic of the 90's with an ensemble cast of actions stars spaning decades, even though half of the cast were sparingly used and (in Jet Li's case) made to look weak, therein lies the problem.

As a fan i was promised the moon, i was given inconherance, i was promised a scene reuniting Bruce Willis with Stallone and Schwarzenegger, instead i was given incoherent speach and slurring, as a fan i was promised a huge fight scene between Stallone and Steve Austin but was given a short fight scene with no payoff, it built up an antagonist and then threw him away within mere minutes prior to the final fight scene, what angers me the most is that the main writer, director and apparrent lead in this picture has had years of experience in this genre, Stallone should have had all the tools to recreat the genre's early sucess and bring it back to prominance but alas it just turned into an hour of and a half of nonsensicle chatter, Stallone should have known better...

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