#NerdGenious - Dylan Dogg, Bad writing and Brandon Routh

I was finally able to see the film adaption to a rather well known Italian Comic Dyaln Dogg: Dead of Night starring Brandon Routh and Taye Diggs, I was itching to see this movie as it covers three of my keen interests, Comics, Movies and of course wrestling.

Im a huge fan of Routh as an actor and has a huge upside when playing the right roles, Dylan Dog however was not one of those roles, much like Keanu Reeve's rather awkard portrayal of John Constantine Routh plays Dylan as an angry emotionless character his delivery and tone has distanced himself from a rather light hearted and comedic role, the kind that this movie is missing, don't get me wrong, this movie does have some comedic elements watching Sam Huntingtons portrayal of Marcus Deckler attempting to come to terms with his new life as a Zombie, the biggest issue with this movie is that it seems too familar, with a boatload of Zombie movies, Vampire Movies out there Dylan Dog does nothing to draw the viewer in, with flashy effects and not much back story to go by i wouldn't be surpirsed to see this movie in the bargain bin.

 I don't believe Routh is to blame for this movie's downfall, I blame story, Instead of relying on character driven story Kevin Munroe relies on  flashy effects, this movie could have actually appealed to the masses rather than the comic book few, hell, it could have even amassed a following akin to the evil dead franchise but alas its not to be, one things for sure if  a remake of this movie was suggested I for one wouldn't be fully against it.

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