The DC 52 Goes Down the Gutters

I recently read an article on, the article questions the new DC 52 but also talks about something that has peaked the interest of many a comic book lover.

The interesting detail has nothing to do with Superman's love life, or The fact that wally west no longer has a family, no, the part of the DC52 that peaks the interest of the reader (especially those at is an image of an individual that has been shown in all of the rebooted comics, yet no one has actually put the pieces together on who this individual actually is.

The answer my friends is quiet simple, the image in question is actually a female and her first appearance was not Superman 1, it was actually flashpoint issue 5 in what gutters consider as filler the story actually links together both were the past continuity ends and the new DC52 began, this individual speaks to Barry and states that the universe that he once called home is nonexistent, a problem that he thought he was going to solve by going back in time and stopping the actions of his past self, Barry changed the timeline forever but failed to acknowledge that he did so.

And the answer to the million-dollar (or pound depending on were your from) question is simple, the individual in question will be used to either secure the current continuity of the DC universe, destroy it or merge it with the past linking both together to create something similar to final crisis, Jim Lee and co have done this in order to give DC a get out of jail free card a way to appease the audience if sales decline once more.

I will say this the new DC 52 has peaked my interest and has managed to bring about the interest of comic book lovers worldwide.

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