Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson and MATT DAMON!

After watching team america world police and the hilarity that is Matt Damon I was left pondering, pondering not because the movie in any way led me to Bryan Danielson's soul crushing tenure in the WWE but moreso the fact that i used the comedy as a form of escapism from the world of wrestling.

Wrestling this week moreso has become a shell of its former self, the voice of the voiceless CM Punk has been underutilised as of late thrown into meaningless matches with Superstars that don't need CM Punks form of elevation, the fact that the guy has not been given a solid chance to tell a story and bring back (proper) wrestling has astounded me to no end, the WWE had something handed to them, a wrestler that knows the business and understands the fanbase, the hype that was made over Punks title win allowed the WWE to expand itself to a new audience of internet marks and have failed to make use of a rather talented superstar and shameless self promoter, one question needs to be asked....WHY?

Why can't WWE get the job done? the same question i ask when looking at Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson as he is known on the Independant scene has a career quiet similar to CM Punk, he (like Punk) is one of the founding fathers of  Ring Of Honor a company that has focused on its wrestling business model and has now grown to be one of the three top wrestling promotions on television.

But his WWE career has become stale as of late, from a stale US title reign to a losing streak since winning the money in the bank briefcase, the WWE has yet to actually elevate Bryan and has kept him down constantly, the only thing i wonder about is why keep the MITB case on Bryan and if they do decide to pull the trigger on Bryan how will creative be able to make his title shot a credible one?

All these questions need to be answered in the next few months otherwise the WWE be in danger of losing another quality talent, with a company that basis itself on creating stars they sure do know how to waste talent.

Heres hope that BD can do a CM Punk and secure some leverage in order to get himself over with the fans and make his WWE career more meaningful.

Heres hoping....

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See you in three days


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