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Simpolitics: Kiss My Broke Ass!

Welcome to a long-overdue edition of Simpolitics. It's been a while. There's been a lot I could have written about over the last couple of months. So much in fact that I think I would have had to give up on life in order to report on them. Today I am back with a cause that is very close to my heart!

I'm British. Here in the UK we have a Prime Minister who loves to preach austerity to those in extreme poverty while making sure that the rich stay rich and keep getting richer. He's a prick! While the European Union heavily criticises the underhanded tactics of the government as they try to be done with social responsibility, those in poverty are stepped on by high society - in the streets and all over the media, especially by the likes of the high and mighty trollop that is Katie Hopkins - before they look down to see what they just stepped in.

I'm very passionate about extreme poverty and extreme wealth, not to mention the one-sided battle that rages in between as politicians laugh and remind us that we don't have rights, that we have privileges, and that we certainly don't all have rights to privileges. So naturally, my attention is most often focused on happenings across the pond in the good ol' US of A.

Who wants a fight? No, seriously, who wants to get fucked up?

Simpolitics fights back against the verbally cocky one percent.

Classic rock band KISS were only recently inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Along with that event came much controversy. I can't see why. They fucking rock. Or at least they used to. But aside from producing some of the greatest music of the '70s, they're known for other things, like having more merchandise than Star Wars, Gene Simmons trying to be an actor, Gene Simmons marrying a Playboy model who's a better actor than he is, Gene Simmons having a geriatric sex tape, Gene Simmons having a TV show, Gene Simmons, Gene Simmons, Gene Simmons...

There's one thing I always agreed on with Gene Simmons, though. All rock bands set out to sell out, otherwise there isn't much point (other than the love of the craft, which without there is no soul to your music). You just don't have to be an arrogant prick about it, right? And there's only so much you need, right?

Monty Python's Terry Jones on the wealthy fat cat
Apparently not...
Simmons, one of the one percent of the world's wealthiest people, now believes that poor people owe him!

In a recent interview, the poodle-permed melty-faced rock star traitor stated: "The one percent pays 80 percent of all taxes. 50 percent of the population of the US pays no taxes. The one percent provides all the jobs for everybody else. If the one percent didn't exist there would be chaos and the economy would drop dead. Try being nice to rich people. I don't remember the last poor person who gave me a job!"

Understandably, many of you may see sense in what Simmons says. After all, what are taxes to the world's one percent when it comes to maintaining a country without free healthcare and whose political influence and military industry currently relies on returning favours because capitalism isn't working out quite the way they expected? It must hardly be water off a duck's arse for somebody who hasn't known poverty for over forty years and who knows no limits when it comes to stamping his band's name on every piece of shit imaginable.

Gene Simmons KISS perfume

There's a reason the one percent pays 80% of all taxes in America though, and that's because 50 percent of the population is broke-ass poor. You don't remember the last time a poor guy gave you a job? That's because you're privileged. That's also because you didn't want to work for a living. You wanted to be a sell-out rock star from the beginning. But if you're so fucking ignorant that you don't even remember the last time you stepped inside a convenience store, they're not run by wealthy people, at least not in the UK, and taking a look at the Rust Belt (and the UK's own situation with secondary industry), the only industry keeping the US afloat is tertiary/retail and finance. Both of those are using each other for crutches as it is.

I could understand how much it would cost to own or rent a store or a piece of a strip mall, and a man might make the money to maintain that, but he surely doesn't go home wealthy, and America is the land of strip malls. Here is a recent chart of approximately how much money is in circulation in the US right now and you may notice something's off...

Staggering proportions of poverty as the wealthy own everything

A fifth of the population isn't making money at all, in fact they're constantly in debt. Being unemployed isn't always a case of not wanting to work, unlike Gene Simmons. People like Simmons need to get that out of their thick skulls. If America's money is in THEIR pocket, then it isn't in circulation.  And if it isn't in circulation, then no poor guy is getting paid unless he's getting the bare minimum to survive on welfare.

If you're not directly giving a poor guy a job, then how is he benefiting from you? Living the dream in Hollywood, fancy cars and fine dining doesn't help the poor. The fraction of your wealth that you DO spend only goes to the fellow rich as the middle class struggle not to follow the mudslide into poverty. When's the last time you even earned the national minimum wage, Simmons? Have you ever been taxed from that alone? It makes a huge difference having to pay taxes when you're earning a pittance.

The one percent and those close behind are the reason that half of the US is in poverty, because even if they want to work, there is no money left to earn once the middle class have earned their cut. What are they supposed to do? Split it between them? You, Simmons, have a social responsibility beyond the minimum taxes you shell out to serve your government in trying to fix the shit you're causing. 


And if the one percent didn't exist, there would be chaos alright. People wouldn't know what hit them. All this money suddenly flying around, an economy restored to full wealth virtually overnight. That's the kind of shit people dream of as they put a lien on their home, or as they sell their car to pay the electricity bill. Instead they all head for the nearest lottery machine in the hopes that they too can be ignorant to the real problem, just like you. But the real problem is you, and you know it.

No, instead, let's imagine that the other 99 percent disappeared over night. What would your money be worth then? How would you survive without people scrambling to take your money just so they can afford to live? What then, oh great one from the planet Moron?!

Classic KISS band tour photography

Once upon a time, you embodied the American Dream, even before the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Jobs. You had opportunities in every direction when what you did was original, but you haven't contributed to a decent album in over thirty years and now you have all this wealth and swagger, but you have the style of a grandma that refuses to believe she's gotten old, covered in mink fur and lavender oil to disguise the stench of piss and the stale hot air of your rotted intellect. That's what having so much money does to people. It gives them the incentive to give up on life and to fester in the drama of having nothing to care about.

Poor people don't owe you; not in America, nor anywhere else on this planet!

-Dan Ashley

BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe SAS Confirms TEKKEN 7 Project Announcement at EVO Championship Series 2014

BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe SAS Confirms TEKKEN 7 Project Announcement at EVO Championship Series 2014

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More details and information pertaining to the project will be shared at this year’s San Diego Comic Con at the BANDAI NAMCO Fighting Game Panel.



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Quantum Geek: Revenge of the Nerds (July 1984)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shower...

Nerds, Geeks, Fanboys, unite and no force on Earth would be able to stop us!

Revenge of the Nerds 1984 college campus comedy retro movie review

Jumping straight into Throwback Thursday's retro special, today's movie needs no introduction for some. If you've seen every college campus comedy ever made, you've seen this and you probably stand by me in rating it highly on the laughter scale.

Revenge of the Nerds is a comedy unlike any other belonging to the same subgenre. It isn't Animal House because it isn't about the deliberately antisocial crowd, it isn't Porky's because it doesn't focus on getting laid, and it isn't Old School because... well it just isn't, okay? Revenge of the Nerds is different because it is a hilarious parody of nerds, how people stereotype them and how they fare (and fail) in day to day life. But it's not purely self-effacing, either. It has a heart and a message that goes out to nerds everywhere, and their oppressors, not that you'll take it too seriously!

Robert Carradine (The Big Red One) and Anthony Edwards (Top Gun's Goose) star as Lewis and Gilbert, two of nerds embarking on their freshman year at Adams College. They're not very well received, especially by the college's Alpha Beta jock fraternity. When the jocks accidentally burn down their own house and take the nerds' house for their own, Lewis and Gilbert are forced to bunk in the gym with all the other freshmen that can't find their own place to stay.

Anyway, this movie sports just about every kind of nerdy outcast imaginable, all with their own uniquely ridiculous name. My own hands down favourite are Booger and Takashi; Booger (Curtis Armstrong from such classics as Moonlighting and Jingle All The Way) who takes Takashi (Brian Tochi, Police Academy's very own Nogata and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's original Leonardo voice actor) under his wing and teaches him the importance of hair pie, is by far one of the most relatable characters to me, and I still wonder to this very day if that's a bad thing.

Revenge of the Nerds cast; Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Curtis Armstrong, Timothy Busfield, Brian Tochi
Then you have Timothy Busfield (Field of Dreams) as the suited ginger coke bottle-wearing violinist Poindexter, Larry B. Scott (Iron Eagle) as the absurdly camp black athlete Lamar Latrell and the unfortunately forgotten Andrew Cassese as Wormser, the underage computer genius. Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and Milton from Office Space owe Busfield some long-awaited gratitude.

Things go from funny to hilarious quite often, most often under the silliest of circumstances, such as when the desperate and homeless nerd community approach U.N. Jefferson ('70s Blaxploitation icon Bernie Casey) the head of the all-black Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity for a fraternity to belong to. They have to prove that they're Tr-Lam material and so the movie's plot is pretty much set in stone. The Alpha jocks are threatened by the nerds taking up permanent residence and so start doing all they can to piss on their parade.

Bernie Casey UN Jefferson Lambda head revenge of the nerds

This is made worse by the fact that Lewis has a crush on football team captain Stan Gable's trophy girlfriend, and by the fact that the football coach (John Goodman) likes to psyche up his team by having them do more than just haze the nerds. He wants a team of killers and he wants those nerds destroyed as a gesture of loyalty, but it's all done so well with that patriotic dumbass comedy that 'Muricah does so well. They say Americans can't make fun of themselves. This movie sets the record straight on who exactly is to blame for that, but in the most tasteless ways possible.

Revenge of the Nerds is such a good retro comedy as well because it sports those '80s montages like strippers sport nipple tassles (gratuitously). It also puts those socially awkward but lovable outcasts in every wacky situation possible (where they thrive best), leading to so many laugh out loud moments. The mission impossible parody nods clearly at Animal House but takes it so much further.

Revenge of the Nerds Mission Impossible sorority invasion shower scene
Aside from the howling laughter brought on by the most blatant of social typecasts and the fact that some of our favourite actors may have put a little too much method into their acting, Revenge of the Nerds is also surprisingly touching. Balls to your spoiler alerts, you've had 30 years to see this. The most epic out-of-the-nerd-closet speech of all time will not wait any longer...

What did Revenge of the Nerds do for the future of all Geek-kind? I guess it's pretty obvious that it made people like us a little more socially accepted. The movie had three sequels, and whereas they became less funny every time, the final made for TV instalment solidified our heroes as sentimental memories. They were after all one of few heroes in cinema that sympathetically adopted past enemies into their ranks, which is pretty fucking sweet, especially in this pessimistic time.
Enjoy Revenge of the Nerds with a classic comedy night, allow me to recommend Summer School and The Breakfast Club. The Quantum Geek leaps to July of 1994 next week to review two comic adaptations. One of them is up for an arse kicking. Enjoy the summer heatwave, nerds!

Oh go on, one more clip...

-Dan Ashley

Best and Worst Pick - Up - Lines (Street Interviews)

Michael Burhan and Ash Sharma head out to London To find out what the best and worst pick - up- lines are for the general public.

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Quantum Geek: The Last Starfighter (July 1984)

As summer is now in full swing, the Quantum Geek is currently sitting at home, slowly baking by the bedroom window and recovering from a trapped nerve. What's your excuse? Nocturnal? Never mind, it just so happens that I have one of the geekiest of '80s movie reviews for you right here!

retro movie reviews at nerdgenious.com

I don't know what you want to do with your life. Options never seem hard to come by these days, but the problem is never really what we'd like to do. The problem is most often the lack of opportunities presenting themselves, especially to the fantasists that love to think outside the box. Just like in 1984's sci-fi fantasy The Last Starfighter dictates, you really have to keep your ambitions alive while having an open mind...

Lance Guest arcade gamer sci-fi fantasy The Last Starfighter

What I miss about '80s movies, like this one, isn't just reckless and inconsequential daydreaming made purely to appease the inner child of audiences everywhere, it's how audiences receive such entertainment. Blame the Internet or blame multi-billion dollar conglomerate media corporations that spoil the shit out us from an early age, making movies that will go on to sell tonnes of merchandise and turn a simple idea into a big fat cash cow. Having thought about that for years, I tend to view most movies with a childlike innocence, knowing when to shove my media knowledge to one side.

Saying that, fuck you, Michael Bay, I will never pay you to piss on my childhood and insult my intelligence. I am onto your shit!

The Last Starfighter is one of those movies that no doubt hoped to score big, back in the day. Hailing from a time when arcade gaming machines were the craze. Written by Nick Castle, who is responsible for having written Escape from New York, you'd think that would give you an inkling as to where this might be headed. Well let's just jump ahead of ourselves and point out that he also brought us that Macauley Culkin mess that was Dennis the Menace. FUCK YOU TOO, CULKIN!!!

Star Fighter creator Centauri. He's a bit of a dick.
Macauley Culkin??? Hank, anal probe that cocky little fucker!
Universal seemed to have modeled it off '70s Disney movies and sci-fi shows. Battlestar Gallactica and Buck Rogers never gave a shit. That was a great outlook at the time and so the '70s gave us all the fantastical influence we needed but the '80s was king for sci-fi, no matter how tacky. Special visual effects were at a crossroads back then, but thankfully, movie drama in such genres and subgenres was still pretty sure of itself.

Alex Rogen (Lange Guest of Halloween 2 and Jaws: The Revenge) is a teenager living in a boring rural town where the only thing to do is play arcade games and drive around. He has big things to do with his life, he just doesn't know what, and he also seems to think that college is a waste of time (since he gets turned down for a college loan). Probably for the best as college doesn't teach you how to be less douchy, aimless and antisocial, eh Alex?

Lance Guest as Alex Rogen passing the test in The Last Starfighter
The secret to winning any 80s arcade game was all in the pose.
But for fuck's sake, man, when your girlfriend is the dreamy Catherine Mary Stewart cheer up...

Just... so... CUTE!!!
Anyhoooo, it turns out that this new arcade game, Starfighter, is actually a test, because the alien race defending the planet Rylos from evil invaders sent arcade games throughout the universe as battle simulators, desperately in search of new Starfighters, because most of theirs are dead. Alex, defeating the game quickly, is approached by Centauri, an alien disguised as a pre-vert lookin' old guy asking Alex if he wants to go for a ride. Actually that's not the way it goes, but I'm trying to entertain you and not spoil this.

So, with nothing else to do with his life, he tries his hand at this saving the aliens gig, especially since their enemy, led by their very own leader's twatbasket son, is planning on destroying Earth too. Enter Grig, a funny old Starfighter that looks like he has a melty Easter egg for a face, played by none other than Robocop's old man Dan O'Herlihy ("nice shooting son, what's your name?").

No worries for Alex's girlfriend either, since she's the movie's eye candy and can't be left out of the picture as soon as Alex goes on his merry space travels. Centauri has left a robot clone of Alex behind to take his place, but things don't go to plan. Aliens want Alex dead so he can't defeat their mighty armada later on, aaaand let's just say things get awkward but seriously funny...

The Last Starfighter Alex Rogen robot clone LMD
This is pure childish '80s fantasy for all the family, except bitchy parents that think some scenes might be inappropriate. One of the most violent shows of all time was Tom & Jerry, but you never bitched about that. Craig Safan lends Starfighter a greatly effective soundtrack full of pomp. excitement and emotion, and it feels like the precursor to Alan Silvestri's Back to the Future score. Like I say, '80s standard. The only problem I have is with the really basic spaceship visual effects. The fucking arcade game in the movie had better graphics than some of the actual movie scenes, but with Dan O'Herlihy making the most of his alien character, you just laugh and laugh and that's a good thing, in my eyes.

1987 Robocop OCP old man Dan O'Herlihy alien Grig O-Face
This is one of those classic weekend afternoon movies when your arse grows roots to the chair after dinner and you just cannot move, but like Flight of the Navigator, The Explorers and such, it has its very own original charm. How did The Last Starfighter change the world. It didn't. Not in the slightest. It just caught onto the fact that video games are a good subject for kids with no aim in life and utilises that fact quite harmlessly. So often entertainment is more than just entertainment. In this case, it's nothing more than enjoyable harmless fun. Here, take a look for yourself!

-Dan Ashley

Shaq-Fu - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Notoriously known as one of the worst video games to have graced the gaming public, Shaq-Fu for the SNES/Genesis might just be the game to break the host of this show.

Shaq-Fu is considered to be one of the worst video games created
Image created by Travis Goss

WARNING: lost of yelling, swearing and crapping of pants.

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Quantum Geek: Gone In 60 Seconds (July 1974)

Hold onto the seat of your pants, fellow throwbacks. This one's so fast, you might poop...

Quantum Geek Nerd Genious Classic Film review
The Daddy of Old School Movie Reviews
As a fan of subgenre films, I fondly remember much of what I've seen over the years for what separates a movie from everything else. It's quite easy to be that way. If you've never seen Jaws, you've never seen a true nature horror movie; If you've never seen Blues Brothers, you've never seen a real musical; if you've never seen Nineteen Eighty Four, you've never seen dystopian sci-fi. That, of course, is a matter of opinion, but to admit that is in no way discounting that what I believe is true. Therefore, if you've never seen the original Gone In 60 Seconds, you've never seen a truer stuntman-led car chase movie!

H B. "Toby" Halicki car heist thriller Gone in 60 Seconds
The only chase movie in history to officially star a Mustang
The late H B. Halicki - writer, director, producer, actor and stuntman - died in a stunt accident in 1989 in Tonawanda, New York, filming what would have been the sequel to this insane carnage-filled twisted metalfest. He was aged 48 at the time and I believe his death signalled the end of an era. That era was a time when stuntmen were rock stars, automobile racing experts with no fear, doing what they did for the love of the art because no amount of money was enough to risk your life for, so dangerously. And stuntmen back in the day sure weren't paid well at all for what they did.

Coincidentally, fifteen years prior to that tragedy, Gone In 60 Seconds marked - in dialogue - the end of another era in Eleanor, one of the last great Mustangs, a 1971 Ford Mustang Fastback Sportsroof, and the only star credited in the opening scenes of this car heist thriller.

Halicki plays Maindrian Pace, an insurance investigator moonlighting as California's number one car thief, with his trusty gang in tow. When a drug lord tasks his gang to rip off 48 cars, they get all but one, that sweet Mustang Eleanor. Only after a dispute does Maindrian's boss spitefully tip off the authorities about the job, leading Pace into a frantic attempt to escape across five California cities. That's the premise and that's all you need to know for the movie that sports an hour's worth of hair-raising chases. This movie is literally one third story and two thirds old school car stunt carnage, so regardless if you find older movies boring, if you love this kind of stuff you have no excuse not to witness the insanity of it all.

Actor, Stuntman, Writer, Director & Move Producer H B. Halicki
"I'm here to fix your television... Let me just lob my tool out..."
Only having directed, written and produced three films in his lifetime, Gone... was the first and you really can tell it shows. Clearly not willing to stick 100% to what he knew best, Halicki played it safe with a comprehensive story, making use of documentarian styles to get the plot rolling. Regardless, this movie is so dated that it can come across as a bounty of old cliche. His crew disguised with wigs, Pace himself looks like a parody of a '70s porn star with the yuppie mullet and moustasche, something you'd see in a Foo Fighters music video. Still, it's good to laugh, right?

What is so fucking awesome about this movie is that it delivers tenfold on stunt action and classic car chase cinematography, utilising every known method and chewing up scenery like an exhaust-fume breathing Godzilla of high-toned internal cobustion. If you love your classic muscle cars, this could almost be sexual, but the fact that it doesn't try to be picture perfect lends its grit. For a family affair, having starred and been produced by several members of the Halicki family, you can tell this is a labour of love, and H B. himself (nicknamed Toby) leads the getaway like a true motor madman.

H B. Halicki Gone in 60 Seconds insane driving stunts
The original 'Gone In 60 Seconds' Mustang jump.
This is the stuff videogames like Driver wanted you to experience, this is the stuff Tarantino's Death Proof could only wish to resemble, this is the movie nobody dared to recreate, all except the remake's director Dominic Sena, who clearly knew fuck all about driving in comparison to the late great Toby. Not to be disrespectful, I used to find the Nicolas Cage version enjoyable when I was 20. Cage gave himself to the absurdity of it all and if anyone does absurdity well, it's Cage. He could do no wrong back then and the remake did well to inject actual storytelling and drama, but lovers of cars and car chases will likely cut off your dick if you ever expect them to fall for this...

Nicolas Cage Gone in 60 Seconds eleanor traffic jump
The remake's version, with new and improved laws of physics.
On a more personal level, choosing between 1974's Ford Fastback Eleanor and 2000's Shelby GT 500 Eleanor, I'd go with the original for pure joyriding purposes and for smashing to bits in the process. It's a wild beast, a growling puma in a jungle of monkeys. The GT 500 is nice to look at and belongs in a museum or a classic racing game. And it doesn't fly!

So how did H B. Halicki's Gone In 60 Seconds influence the world we know? Filmmakers only wish they could make a movie the way he used to, but you just don't see movies made for stuntmen by stuntmen these days. Nicholas Winding Refn scratched the surface with some tense driving using the same urban sprawl with Drive, the aforementioned Blues Brothers most definitely took cue from Halicki's smash 'n' dash epic, and we have an endless sea of videogames utilising that same old "you versus the entire city's police department" concept in Driver, Grand Theft Auto and the likes.

Gone In 60 Seconds inspired videogames such as Grand Theft Auto
Tip: Take your car to the Pay 'n' Spray to lose heat!
This might be one of those movies where you're just going to want to watch the incredible fifty minute chase scene, but I wouldn't hold that against you. How many of us ever watched the entirity of Steve McQueen's Bullitt outside of that duel between the Mustang and the Dodge Charger, after all? Get your rocks off, in fact allow me to introduce you...

Thanks again for reading, hope you enjoyed this and stay frosty for next week's trip back to the '80s. We have crazy arcade game-inspired sci-fi at its most unashamed and riotous college campus comedy like only nerds can deliver. Feel free to drop a comment and share with your good friends, and have a great week!

-Dan Ashley

Altered Beast - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

First released in the arcades and then later ported to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Altered Beast is another frustrating game that I am chewing through for your entertainment. How far will I go"

Altered Beast was released on the Sega Genesis in North America in 1988
Image created by Travis Goss

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