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Video Reviews – Digimon All-Star Rumble Review (PS3 / Xbox 360)

Developer: Prope
Publisher:Bandai Namco Games
Platform: PS3 (Review Copy),  Xbox 360
Release Date: (NA:) November 11, 2014
(EU:): November 14, 2014
(Aus:) November 14, 2014
24.60 (UK) 34.99 (Us)


Digimon All-Star Rumble is a fighting video game developed by Prope and published by Bandai Namco Games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles, the story focuses on a you becoming the digimon champion via a tournament but bigger things are happening as you will be selected as the winner will become the worlds protector.

The gameplay style is a button mashing fighter similar to games such as Smash bro's on the Wii U.

The game uses a combination of ambient music with a combination of voice work from some familiar voice talents used in the digimon cartoons which adds to the games atmosphere.

Graphics are crisp as they utilise the entire PS3's processing capability, with amazing visuals it makes the game appear visually stimulating.

Game rating: 5 out of 10

- Good Gameplay
- Graphics are amazing
- Crisp Sound
- Co - Op Multiplayer

- Too Short
- Gameplay style is similar to other games in the same genre, so theres nothing new here
- replay value is extremely low.
- No online Multiplayer.

QUANTUM GEEK Episode 3: Blue Thunder (1983)

This glorious weekend, Quantum Geek revisits a special little urban tech thriller that's stood all on its own for the last 31 years as an unlikely cult classic!

Jaws star Roy Scheider in 1983 John Badham urban thriller Blue Thunder about a state of the art gunship that can blow shit up
"Compensating for what? You don't even know what you're saying!"
Blue Thunder stars Roy Scheider (The French Connection, Jaws, Marathon Man, Seaquest DSV), Daniel Stern (Diner, City Slickers, Home Alone, Very Bad Things), Malcolm McDowell (If... A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek: Generations, Rob Zombie's Halloween) and Candy Clarke (The Man Who Fell To Earth, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Cherry Falls, Zodiac).

It is a movie known by the audience of its time as a movie that suffered many goofs as director John Badham suffered in bringing an original concept to reality, and its effects - where authenticity was impossible - are dated to say the least, but frankly it kicks so much arse and if you love the idea of a gritty thriller featuring urban combat in the skies over Los Angeles (but without the glossy picture perfect look and feel of typical Hollywood movies) then this movie is for you.

Here is the original trailer:

And the podcast:

Music Hosting - Share Audio - QUANTUM GEEK Episode 3: Blue...

And just because I'm a total movie soundtrack geek, check out Arthur P. Rubinstein's insane synth orchestra movie score:

Drop your comments and feel free to share with your friends, when Quantum Geek returns, it will be to review post-Vietnam vigilante thriller The Exterminator and to discuss the rise and fall of movies of its kind, back in the day.

Shovel Knight Parts 5 & 6 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

It's a Shovel Knight double feature! Plague Knight is goin' down and Treasure Knight makes Scrooge McDuck look like he's going broke.

Shovel Knight is available on Nintendo eShop for Wii U and 3DS
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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Fight with your Heart and Take Control of your Emotions in the First Ever PlayStation®Vita TALES OF TM Entry in the West
Paris, FRANCE  November 12, 2014 Leading video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe launches Tales of HeartsTM R for Europe, Middle-East and Australasia, exclusively for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system featuring PlayStation®TV compatibility. Tales of HeartsTM R is next title in the long running TALES OF RPG series and brings a classic tale of discovery and adventure to Western audiences with beautifully animated cut scenes conveying the story of the game’s main character, Kor Meteor, as he trains with his grandfather in the ways of the sword. 

Impressed with Kor’s growing skills, his grandfather decides it’s time to pass down to Kor an unusual weapon called a Soma. However, Kor learns that a Soma is not only a tool for destruction, but can also be used to fortify a person’s ailing Spiria. Spiria is the embodiment of the heart and soul and plays an essential role in the world as it is the most powerful force known.However, as powerful as Spiria can be, its force can be disrupted in the face of intense emotions such as anger, hate, fear or even love. As such, Soma users must possess exceptionally strong Spiria in order to withstand such emotions.

Players will also encounter the story’s female protagonist, Kohaku Hearts, who is fleeing from a mysterious witch with her brother, Hisui Hearts, while they search for a Soma weapon. A series of tragic events then unfold and set Kor, Kohaku, and Hisui on a grand adventure to uncover the mysteries of the Spiria Core, meet and fight alongside new comrades and save the world from the clutches of an ominous and dark future.
Thanks to a strong partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment, we are releasing this beautiful tale on the western markets. Our goal is to continue working towards an increase of the brand-awareness around the long running series: Tales Of! With its amazing graphics, J-RPG & Fighting mechanics; Tales of HeartsTM R will be a hit for all the fans! “Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing & PR at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe.

Tales of HeartsTM R features the TALES OF “Linear Motion Battle System” with an “Aerial Chase” element to allow players to maneuver enemies into the air for fast-paced aerial combos. Fans will also enjoy the artistic animated design that is characteristic of the TALES OF series with a heartwarming tale filled with adventures, action, and magic artes.

Fans getting the game on its release date will be able to get the amazing “Soma Link Edition” from either Zavvi, The Hut, Amazon UK, GAME or Shopto and get a chance to win 1 of the 5 Collector’s Edition signed by Hideo Baba!

Restore balance and save the world from a foreboding future when Tales of HeartsTM R launches in Europe, Middle-East and Australasia on the PlayStation®Vita starting today on the PlayStation®Network and Friday 14th, November on stores!

Shovel Knight - Part 4 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Shovel Knight has returned from a long hiatus. Now, where were we? Oh, yes... on the way to kick some Plague Knight boo-TAY!

The crowdfunded game raised a total budget of $328,682
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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Destiny Reviw - Featuring Special Guest Rob Man

What’s Your Destiny?

The hype train for Bungie and Activision’s latest undertaking had been thundering along for 10 years prior to its release. It was the most anticipated game of 2014. After the quick glimpse everyone got during E3 2013 the hype train sprouted wings and went straight through the stratosphere.

Upon its release Destiny became the most polarizing game I’ve seen since Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. People seem to either Love it or Hate it. To find out why, lets leap down the rabbit hole and take a look at what makes this game tick, and sometimes tick people off.

In a basic overview Destiny is an amalgamation of 2 big genres: First Person Shooter and Lootfest MMO.

The FPS side of Destiny is excellent, coming from co-developers Bungie (renowned for the stellar HALO series) and Activision (Call of Duty). You have all the main components: multiple weapons, varied enemies with varying weak spots to target, grenades and melee attacks. Likewise, the MMO side has brought familiar fare to the table: Upgradeable and replaceable armour and weapons that alter the appearance of your Guardian), collectable resources to be used in upgrading, experience points that accumulate to help you level up, and large maps to explore and look for secret stashes of loot.

This is all fairly standard fare for each of these genres. The magic happens when you mix these two together. Suddenly you have a whole new beast. This is great for a lot of folks, but for some it can be a little off putting. To that end let’s discuss the parts that some dislike first.

For FPS fans (and fans of Bungie’s amazing HALO series) the fetch questing, the laborious grind to upgrade armor and weapons and the more brief story are quite the turn off. HALO had such a deep, rich and intricate story that kept people involved and excited with every new installment. From inter-faction friction to religious doctrine to intergalactic politics, there was a lot of story going on. Destiny’s story is much less present in the actual play experience.

The Traveler (a mysterious entity of unknown origin) came to our solar system and contacted humanity. It gave us much longer life spans, accelerated scientific knowledge, and helped us spread out and colonize Venus, Mars and the Moon. It was humanity’s Golden Age. Then the Traveler’s eternal enemy came; The Darkness. Our Golden Age was shattered and spread to the winds. The Traveler used the last of its “Light” to push back the darkness and create the Ghosts. Now it hovers, catatonic, over the earth. In the Traveler’s protective shadow the remnants of humanity built the last safe city on earth, and with it The Tower. The Ghosts used their power to find and revive Humans, Awoken (humanoid species from beyond our system) and Exos (Sentient machines of war) to defend the City and try to restore the Traveler.

This is where you come in. As a Guardian you choose your race, gender and appearance, then you walk through a narrative about stopping the enemies of the Light. That’s about it.
Each story mission has a required minimum level to undertake it. If you aren’t the right level for it, you have to replay the other missions until you level up enough to continue. This has made the game feel repetitive and slow for some players.

Add to this the fact that after level 20 your experience is no longer involved in gaining more levels and things start to get a bit rough. You see, throughout the game you can find soccer ball shaped items dropped by slain enemies. These are either new weapons and armor or they are Engrams (Data with the designs and blueprints for new weapons or armor).

These mystery Engrams must be taken to the Cryptarch in the Tower to be decoded and give you your item. After level 20 you are at the mercy of the gear you have or can find to gain higher levels. Add to this the fact that after level 20 the item drops become markedly less frequent and you have a recipe for disgruntled gamers.

Despite its flaws, however, Destiny has retained a large and very devoted fan base. “How can this be with such an obviously flawed game?” you inquire.
I thought you’d never ask.

Destiny is a visually stunning game. Bungie is known for great designs, but not necessarily for making the prettiest games around. Destiny changes that. The planetary environments, the enemy designs, the gear, the vehicles and weapons. All are amazingly well rendered and a feast for the eyes. But graphics alone do not make a game. The music is also so wonderfully atmospheric and changes subtly in the background to fit what you’re seeing.

The controls are tight and responsive. I have yet to experience a problem where I felt the controller or game didn’t respond to my input. My reaction time on the other hand has let me down more than a few times. It’s the same precision and accuracy you expect from Bungie.

The lootfest aspect of the game does add to the up side as well. Every time you get some new armour or weapons and strap them on it changes the appearance of your Guardian. It’s so awesome to hit the Tower and wander around checking out all the cool gear everyone has. It’s even better when you meet up with friends and establish bragging rights for the cool stuff you found, or bubble with envy over a rare or legendary piece a team mate has picked up.

And you won’t find yourself fighting tooth and nail for every scrap of loot either. The developers have made sure that loot is console specific, meaning that loot and ammo I see on my screen do not appear on other players’ screens and vice versa. This avoids in team conflict and lets people focus on the game.

And it’s here that Destiny really shines. Playing online with your friends is about the most fun you can have with this game. Running around blowing stuff up, or trying to tackle enemies that are FAR too high a level for you to fight solo, create some excellent and hilarious moments. For those who prefer PVP you can head to the Crucible (only after reaching level 5 though) and pit your team’s skills against others from all over the world. If you’re really lucky you may even get a chance to butt heads with some of Bungie’s own staff members. Victory against them can lead to epic loot and major bragging rights.

Bungie has always been about community, so to take things to the next level you can join the Bungie.net forums and download the Destiny Companion App for your tablet or SmartPhone. The stat tracking is insane. From kill / death ratios to types of kills, with what weapons, precision or standard damage, gear information, you name it. It’s all there and you can compare with friends, find ways to tweak your play style, and chat in the forums. Bungie takes community feedback VERY seriously. If you have concerns about certain dynamics of the game, chat it up in the forums. The mods are listening and will report back to the dev team. They already overhauled some issues with the Cryptarch and the Engram system, all based on player feedback in the forums.

And as for the Post Level 20 blues, there are plenty of ways around it. As soon as bounties are available to you at level 4 *start doing them*. By completing bounties you accrue Vanguard reputation and marks. The reputation points let you gain Vanguard levels which unlock Legendary gear in the Vanguard shop (Your team leader in the center of the Tower).
The Vanguard marks are the currency you use to buy the gear. By taking part in community events and completing bounties you can start saving up for that Legenday Gear at level 4. Any random item drops after that are just a bonus.

So there you have it. The Bad, The Good, all the information I can give you about Destiny.
For what it’s worth, I love this game. I can’t get enough of it to be perfectly honest.
To push back the darkness, fight battles on 4 different planets and restore the Light to the Traveler. Is that your Destiny too?

Rob Man

You can Find Rob man using the following links:

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Video Reviews – Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare

Developer: Sledgehammer Gamess
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PS3 (Review Copy)PS4, Xbox One,  Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: November 3, 2014
Price: 47.99 (Xbox One) (PS4)42.99 (ps3) (Xbox 360) 37.50 (Steam)

Video Review:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision.

The Gameplay Style is the same as previous games in the series (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), the game also uses enhanced aspects that you have seen in previous activision games such as destiny where you are able to upgrade and incorperate new weapons in your arsenal.

You have some hard edged music on the title screen and also to highlight the story but within the gameplay you don’t have anything that stands out, its war and it emulates war quiet effectivly, unlike most games the sound doesn’t hinder the overall quality it manages to enhance it which is what a good game is supposed to do.

Graphics seem crisp and gritty, dark and hard edged at times but also makes objects pops, the sprites seem effect and well defined and make use of the graphical processing of the playstation 3, I did a comparison with next gen and nothing seems to change as much, but turthfully it doesnt need to.

Game rating: 7 out of 10

- Good Gameplay
- Graphics are amazing
- Crisp Sound
- Amazing Online Multiplayer

- Same Gameplay as previous games
- Single Player works more as a tutorial rather than an actual game.
- Quick time events interrupt gameplay.

Another World (a.k.a Out of This World) - Part 1 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Time to travel to Another World in the 20th Anniversary Edition of a classic.

Originally released in 1991, Another World was created by Eric Chahi
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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The Lego Movie Videogame - Part 7 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!


Game was developed by Tt Games and Warner Bros. Entertainment
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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