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Castlevania: Bloodlines - Part 4 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Distraction-free from any ice cream trucks, it's time to take on Stage 4.

A censored version of Castlevania Bloodlines was released in the European and Australian regions which removes all of the blood and gore and renamed Castlevania: The New Generation
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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Castlevania: Bloodlines - Part 3 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

In this episode, we're ascending up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and having slight trouble swinging from ledge to ledge.

Castlevania Bloodlines is the only game in the franchise to appear on the Sega Genesis
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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A Rather British Review: Shadowrun Returns

Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Platform: PC (Review Copy)
Release Date:(PC) July 25, 2013,
Price: $10.99 (USA) £10.99 (UK/EU)

Video Review:

MAN MEETS MAGIC & MACHINE. The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry.

The Gameplay is a turnbased rpg text adventure that utilises the tools used in terms of point and click, in order to migrate through locations and utilise the tools at hands to solve mysteries and progress through the game, the rpg style is broken up with action sequences that utilises the click based combat style that awards the player with xp and new items that the player can use to level up.

The Soundtrack has that cyber Punk Style that makes the game reminiscent of movies such as blade runner, with the perfect mix of music and other elements the game manages to give you the perfect mix of style and substance.

Graphics have a mixture of 2.5 d overhead with 16 bit style that gives you  that retro feel but still allows the game to seem current.

- Text is great but this game has alot of it
- Sometimes its near enough impossible to complete a mission as settings kind of vary throughout.

Game rating: 8 out of 10

- Great Gameplay
- Graphics are amazing
- Crisp Sound
- Highly Addictive

- too much text
- Repetitive

Castlevania: Bloodlines - Part 2 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Time to finish off stage two and move on to the third stage. I also talk a little bit about some of the things I have seen since moving to New York City.

Can someone explain why the heroes in the Castlevania games can't swim?
Courtesy of Travis Goss

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Castlevania: Bloodlines - Part 1 - Rose Colored Let's Play!!

Rose Colored Let's Play!! is BACK!! After being away for a while, it's back to business with Castlevania: Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis.

This was the only Castlevania game to be released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Courtesy of Travis Goss

In this game, you take on the role of either John Morris or Eric Lecarde. As you can gather, the American version is featured in this video which has quite a bit of blood and gore for a game which was rated "GA" for General Audiences back in the day. A more censored version was released in Europe and Australia under the name "Castlevania: The New Generation."

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The Excitement of the Season and the Sport Captured in F1 2014 Launch Video Playing at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/FORMULA1GAME

FRIDAY 17th October Codemasters® today announced that F1 2014 has raced into retail and onto digital stores today, Friday 17th October, for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC from Steam.

The 2014 FORMULA ONE™ season has been one of the most exciting seasons in years, with stunning new cars, new rules, new circuits and new challengers up and down the grid – and players can experience it all as F1 2014 races into stores today. Gamers can see Codemasters’ stunning recreation of this year’s season in the launch video now playing below

F1 2014 takes players closer to the experience of racing this year’s dramatically different cars. A new driver evaluation system and re-graded difficulty settings makes F1 2014 the most accessible video game in the series, and players of all abilities will be able to feel how this new generation of FORMULA ONE cars handle. 

F1 2014 includes all the seismic rule changes, aerodynamics, driver changes, new tracks and more which have combined to deliver an unforgettable FORMULA ONE season. F1 2014 also includes the return of Hockenheim to the calendar, and players can experience the BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX™ run as a night race for the first time and race new circuits in Russia and Austria.

As the season approaches one of the most exciting conclusions years, fans can keep up with all the news on the sport and the games by heading to  Codemasters F1 games blog and social channels on Twitter and Facebook for updates.



A Tactical Strategy RPG Based on TNT’s Popular Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Drama

SANTA ANA, CA. – October 17th 2014 – Little Orbit, a worldwide video game publisher, today announced that the game based on the popular TNT sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, has launched and is now available at retail on Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3. Set in the tense, gritty world of the critically acclaimed series from Amblin Television, Falling Skies: The Game is a turn-based, tactical strategy RPG set between the epic events of the TV show’s third and fourth seasons. Players can check out the new launch trailer below:

After the destruction of the Espheni’s Boston Tower in the third season of the hit TNT series, the 2nd Mass stumbles onto the wreckage of an ambushed convoy. Among the survivors is an engineer who claims he can create a destructive weapon that will aid in the human resistance against the Espheni invaders, but it will require them to undertake several risky operations to collect all the components he needs. What sounds at first to be a simple salvage mission becomes more than the team has bargained for… the aliens are everywhere.

Players will help the original cast of Falling Skies in their resistance against the Espheni invaders.  Set between the epic events of the show’s third and fourth seasons, the game allows players to navigate through an open-ended series of side missions to collect resources and build new weapons for their squad. Armed with the best gear to head the human resistance, players will assist Tom and Ben Mason, John Pope, Maggie and Anthony in this thrilling untold chapter of the war for humanity’s survival!
Key Features:
·         Squad-based tactical combat with a non-linear campaign – take different approaches to achieve mission objectives.
·         Action-packed, new storyline that introduces Falling Skies to new fans and integrates the favorite characters of existing fans.
·         Map randomization and dynamic AI give players a fresh challenge to conquer in every mission!
·         Rescue and recruit from human survivors you encounter, then level up and customize your squad members’ skills, weapons and equipment.
Fans of the show can watch for exclusive media including screen shots and artwork on the official Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fallingskies and on the official game website at www.fallingskiesgame.com.
Published by Little Orbit, LLC, Falling Skies is distributed in EMEA and Australasian territories by leading video game publisher and developer, BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S.
For more details on the Little Orbit product portfolio, visit www.LittleOrbit.com. For more information about BANDAI NAMCO Games and its entire line up, please visit the BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe official website at www.BandaiNamcoGames.eu.

Euro Gaming Expo - The Interviews

Michael Burhan Celebrates the Independents by interviewing some of the core talent in independent gaming, Michael takes you through a journey of amazing talent in celebration of indie devs who may soon be the future of gaming.

Part 1
Accelerunner with Alan Zuconni and Nicoll Hunt

Michael interviews Alan Zuconni and Nicoll Hunt, the duo behind Accelerunner, a game that takes motion controls to new heights, using apps and pc gaming in order to produce a rather fun party game.
Part 2

Alister Aicheston - Tap Happy Sabotage Interview

Continuing the trend of Party Games Michael Interviews the creator of Slap Happy Sabotage Alister Aicheston, the app developer that looks at taking apps to new heights incorporating wide screen tv's with an app game that can allow you to incorporate 52 friends into a game that would make any night a fun night!.

Part 3

EGX Music Video

Taking a break Mike takes you on a tour of EGX showing off the unique gaming experiences that incorporates companies such as Namco Bandai, Microsoft, Mojang, Sony and Nintendo through an amazing 8bit chiptune experience, take a look at gaming culture at its finest.

Part 4
Barry Meade - Fire Proof Studios Interview

Next stop on our interview list is one of the hardest working studios in gaming with not one, but two games in development, Mike Interviews Barry Meade in regards to the projects of his studio fire proof games in regards to the third game in their series the room 3 and Omega agent Mike also talks about the engaging experience of the Oculus rift, a device that takes gaming to a whole new level.

Part 5
Prison Architect  - Andrew Lynn Interview

Part 5 sees Michael interview the makers of Prison Architect, Andrew Lynn talks about the games mechanics and the differences between it and other sim games.

Part 6
Ryan Pinfield - Static Games Interview

Michael interviews Static Games developer Ryan Pinfield as he talks a game known as Mendels farm a game that has been known as farmville on steroids, the game is currently available in its beta form by going to indie d-b, you can also support the game by getting it through the final stages of steam greenlight.

Part 7
Mike Hergardeen M2H Games - Interview

In the final interview Mike takes discusses Verdun an FPS with a difference with M2H creator Mike Hergardeen, check out the video to see how this towering individual talk his love of gaming and why multiplay is a must when playing with friends.

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Transform, combine and shapeshift using powerful Tenkai Energy from now on!

PARIS, FRANCE – September 26th, 2014 – Leading video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S. today launched TENKAI KNIGHTS: BRAVE BATTLE” on Nintendo 3DS!
In this 2D-robot combat game, young fighters can step into the role of one of the four Tenkai Knights heroes and must stop the evil Vilius and his army of shape shifting robots from destroying planet Earth and Quarton. To push their limits even further, young Knights can use the Robofusion! A higher level of shapeshifting that occurs only when Tenkai energy is perfectly in sync to produce a robot form that is bigger and much more powerful than any single robot unit.
The legendary Tenkai Knights will be able to enter Robofusion mode with an ally to combine powers for a limited amount of time during battle and utilize a combination of attacks depending on which ally they are fused with to overpower the enemy’s brutal attacks. 
Young heroes can Power-up their favourite character with over 100 customization parts and cooperate with an ally to complete missions from the Mission Mode! Up to 4 Players can also compete against each other in a Versus Mode to find out who's the most powerful hero!
After successfully adapting famous Anime & Manga licenses to videogames, we are proud to take a brand new challenge with TENKAI KNIGHTS! This new license will invade Europe, Middle-East and Australasia starting September and thanks to its large-scale and ambitious plans,  our kids will be delighted to discover the adventures of the young Tenkai Knights and help them saving planet Earth & Quarton!” Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe

Along with this amazing game, there are a fantastic toy line and an animated TV series planned by Spin Master and Viz Media Europe.

TENKAI KNIGHTS: Brave Battle for the Nintendo 3DS is now available in Europe and Australasia. For more information on BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe or its other products, please visit www.BandaiNamcoGames.eu.



DARK SOULS™ II’s Crown of the Ivory King DLC is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace, and STEAM® and on October 1st on PlayStation®Network.

FromSoftware has saved its most challenging obstacles, enemies, and bosses for the final chapter of the truly arduous journey symbolized by DARK SOULS™ II The Lost Crowns trilogy. The previous DLC chapters (Crown of the Sunken King and Crown of the Old Iron King) were specifically designed to enhance, challenge, and bring players to their knees while Crown of the Ivory King will deliver a grand finale with the same unique torturous zest!

Unfaltering fans of DARK SOULS™ II will immediately head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace, or STEAM and tomorrow on PlayStation®Network to get this newest chapter in the unyielding DARK SOULS™ franchise.